Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Kit Kat Pandas

Here it is-- the perfect illustration of my relationship with The Muse.

(Had always imagined Muses to look a bit like Greek Goddesses, draped in diaphanous white chiffony garments. Maybe I won't be so intimidated by mine if I picture it as a skating panda?)

Oh well. Am now going to eat some more chocolate and carry on waiting for it to show up.


Kate Hardy said...


Was the 'photographer' Steve Punt? Reminds me of him a bit... (I *loved* the Mary Whitehouse Experience. Especially Rob Newman. And DH and I used to start up the history professors whenever we were out somewhere. "See that?" (burned out car) "That's your new car, that is...!" Incredibly juvenile but it never fails to make me laugh.)

Eva said...

Thanks for the break!

India said...


Have been trying since yesterday to leave a comment, but the blooming 'security information' box won't disappear. Thankfully it seems to have gone for the time being. Is anyone else struggling with the same issue?

Anyway, I desperately wanted to come back and say-- yes Kate!! Loved, loved loved that programme, and have discovered the history profs to be the ideal way to diffuse Daughter #1 when she's in a big strop. (About clothes the other day-- Her: 'I haven't got ANYTHING to wear!' Me, picking up dishcloth: 'See this? That's your disco outfit, that is...') Well, it makes me laugh anyway!

And Rob Newman... Oh yessssss. Must add him to my list of heroes in waiting.

But no. To get back to your question I don't think it is Steve Punt!

Eva, I love those shoes. I want a picture like that!

Kate Hardy said...

I think you should be known henceforth as Genius Mum.

I will try that on my daughter. (She might be six, but she's definitely having teenage strops.)