Thursday, 1 September 2011

Fly-by post

Because I'm crazily trying to catch up on washing from last weekend's camping trip* and simultaneously packing for another one tomorrow, I haven't really got time to muse on the bizarre fact that it's suddenly September. So, here's David Sylvian to ease you gently into autumn. He sounds slightly puzzled about it all too, but I love this song and always dig it out for a nostalgia-wallow at this time of year.

Back next week, when the house is empty, I'm looking for excuses to avoid opening my neglected book file, and can start getting excited about New Voices and my upcoming Modern release Craving the Forbidden. I have books to give away...

* the family reunion one, which also involves the team games, all-day drinking and fancy dress - in my case this year no corset, but a rather dashing highwayman's cloak and hat as Adam Ant. Surprisingly warm and practical. Am thinking of packing them for weekend in Peak District too.

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Catherine J said...

Awww. What a lovely song. I love September. School starts tomorrow for Girl Two; on a Friday - how mad is that! And Girl One's off in Paris on what she and six friends are calling their 16-day-gap-year. Sigh. This year's crop of apples is ready to be picked, and I've still got most of last year's mushed in the freezer. Hope you have a lovely time in the Peaks and that the sun shines high above.

Catherine x