Thursday, 11 June 2009

Guilty Crush

Was flicking through a magazine the other day and had one of those double take moments when your brain says-- 'hold on a minute, who was that deeply attractive bloke back there?' Flicked back, and realised with a little frisson of shame and pleasure that the picture I'd seen was the poster for the film Withnail And I, and the man in question was Richard E Grant.

It flies in the face of logic, but there's something about him in that role that does things to me. Maybe it's because I watched it (repeatedly) at an impressionable stage in my development, in my first term at University when I lived with a girl who was a great fan of the film (and many of the recreational activities therein) or maybe it's simply his cheekbones and that fab coat he wears. Or the fact that he exudes the kind of despair that brings out my latent need to heal and nurture (In theory. In reality this need is so latent as to be completely imperceptible, as my husband will testify whenever he has a cold.) I don't know, but whatever it is he makes me want to strip off, drink heavily and behave very badly indeed

Can someone please be very kind and own up to a secret passion for Russell Brand or Gordon Brown, just to make make me feel better please?

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

No More Cakes and Ale

There's not much to celebrate about being 39, but yesterday was such a glorious, golden day that it made an excellent work-avoidance/cake-and-champagne-in-the-sunshine excuse

Today it's all very different.

The sun has vanished and I am sitting despondently in front of my keyboard guzzling anti-ageing multivitamins, swigging water (to promote youthful, dewy complexion and shift hangover) and googling 'industrial-strength miracle wrinkle cream'. Am trying very hard to ignore the siren call of the Double Decker (birthday present from Daughter #2) hidden behind the books on the shelf as it is strictly not in accordance with my new, grown-up regime of vitality-boosting, antioxidant-rich raw foods.

Only 364 days to go until I'm 40.