Thursday, 27 November 2008

Five things I would probably rather do than update my website

  1. Sleep with Boris Johnson.
  2. Eat jellied eels
  3. Appear on Wife Swap
  4. Be photographed standing next to Angelina Jolie, with no make-up on.
  5. Actually, pretty much anything else.

The time has come to Get Help.


Anonymous said...

You got the message through with option number one. [ shudder]
Is website design Tax deductible???

Happy surfing.

India said...

Hey, that's a good point Ray Anne. I hope so, although I think even if it isn't I'll gladly cough up. You can't put a price on sanity, after all, and it'll save me a fortune in comfort-wine.

Rachel said...

Oooer, things sound serious and I can offer no comfort on the subject whatsoever--being an utter luddite when it comes to such things!

HOWEVER, the job I had to do yesterday was pretty bad. A feral 'something' left a pile of bodily fluids(brown) on my back step. This would be almost bearable, but it also contained the remains of a partially digested, mangled mouse.

How does that job measure up in the Ginometer? On a par with the oven surely?

Good luck with it all,India you'll get here!


Donna Alward said...


India...updating I don't mind. It's design. I got a quote for a design recently and then said, sod it I'll do it myself. Half way through I would have paid ANYTHING for someone to take it off of my hands.

And yes, it's a business expense and tax deductible. As are all the expenses of your office I believe unless UK tax laws are different from here.

Kate Hardy said...

Web tax design is DEFINITELY tax-deductible. As are copies of books (is research), travel for doing talks, travel to bank to pay in cheques, etc etc.

I had my site done as a shell so I could update it myself really easily and quickly, but didn't have to have the faff of learning how to do CSS. Can let you have my web designer's details, if you like :o)

India said...

Rachel, on the ginometer that's a triple. Or two. Blimey. At least I can switch my website off and pretend it doesn't exist... (which at the moment, it doesn't!)

Yes, yes, YES Donna-- that's what I've been doing for the past eighteen months now! Every time I have to make any changes I think 'never again' but when it actually comes to parting with money I can't help thinking of how many pairs of shoes I could buy if I just put up with the pain.

A shell sounds like a good idea, Kate. I have someone on the case right now, so that's something I'll definitely suggest. A perfect compromise between shoes and sanity...