Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Website!

Finally! I haven’t been this excited about anything for a long time. (Hmmm... is that quite worrying?) It feels a bit like having a new house, only cheaper and much easier to look after since no-one can come along and litter its pristine spaces with wet towels or empty biscuit wrappers, and even if they did (and this is the best bit...) it wouldn’t be me who had to tidy it up. That is the job of Martin, husband of my lovely friend Liz, fellow veteran of many a rain-(and wine-) soaked camping expedition and erstwhile employer at the marketing agency where I used to write bits of sparkling copy about luxury cars and cruises down the Nile. While I used to have to bow to his tyrannical demands, now I am the client and can ring him late at night to discuss fonts and layout and mock him for his dreadful spelling. It’s all most satisfactory.

Of course, the problem with improving one area of your life is always that it makes all the rest look even more shabby and down-at-heel by comparison, which is why I’ve given the blog a little bit of a makeover, with new pictures and a playlist for the most recent book. Now I'm off to redecorate the kitchen, polish the taps in the bathroom and have a seaweed body wrap and facial peel.

(I wish.)


Trenda said...

India, love, love, love your new website! It suits you perfectly, darling! And I adore the frame...such a fabulous idea! You look smashing in the new photo on the blog, btw!

Have fun polishing the taps! :-)


India said...

Trenda, I've just seen your comment on the last post-- don't know HOW I missed it!! Oh my life... so it's gone?? Well done, that's such a huge and positive gesture to start the new year. Now, you have to practise the art of patient waiting....

(Damn, that is SO HARD!)

Anonymous said...

OOOOO. Shiny.
And glamour shots too.
[ see Ray-Anne slump away into dark corner]
Most excellent!

Trenda said...

India, I can scarcely believe it's gone...I feel a bit lost now actually. He suggested I take three days off and then beginning another book to keep my mind off the waiting. Thank goodness I have an idea or two percolating in my rather sleep brain!



Trenda said...

"sleepy brain" not "sleep brain" but then that does give you an idea of just how tired I am! :-)

xx Trenda

Karen said...

India, the web site is lovely, you must be so pleased.
Well, we've had our news in the office. They are keeping 3 girls on as the basic admin team, and thank God, I'm one of them.
It was horrific here yesterday, me and my close friend Lucy, were watching colleagues coming up the stairs to go into the MD's office, and then coming out 5 minutes later, clutching a letter in their hands. It was ghastly! We were both in tears.
But in this economic climate, you have to look out for yourself, I'm trying not to be selfish and thinking only of myself, but it's been really hard.
xx Karen

India said...

Rayeanne-- Happy new year! Am laughing at that term glamour shots as it makes me think of soft focus lighting and lipgloss. And underwear. Gosh, the thought of being photographed in my underwear is just too horrifying to dwell on. (But hilarious too! Almost worth doing for the laugh...)

Trenda I completely agree with Him. Take time out, play with the kids and bake your gorgeous cookies and clean the oven (oh dear, that's just what I always do...) and then start a new one. That way, whatever happens you're prepared. For both outcomes you're going to need another book in the pipeline. (Fingers crossed for the good outcome!)

Karen, thank goodness for that. I'm so sorry for the others, but I'm sending you a huge, relieved hug. xxx

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

I love the new look. I found it accidentally this am through Google and it's lovely! Congrats!

Jane said...

I love the new look. I like the layout and bluish gray background.

Michelle Styles said...

Great website. Very sleek and wonderful. I am most jealous.

Donna Alward said...

Not one. Not Two. But THREE gorgeous shots of you.

My husband cranes his neck over every time I visit your site. I think you have a fan! (I don't dare show him your books, he'd ask me why I don't write like that).

Beautiful site!

India said...

Marilyn, you found it through google? I think that's really good, isn't it? Thanks for the positive feedback!

Jane, I'm so glad you like the colour. That was the only thing that I knew I wanted-- some kind of lovely dove grey. (I FINALLY posted your competition prize off to you today-- hope it gets there soon and sorry for being such a hopeless slacker!)

Michelle-- thanks for that! Sleek is something I dream of in every area of my life (and back in the real world...) so you said just the right thing! But then, don't you always? (And your heroes...)

Donna, your books are perfect. (And so is your husband. What, he's gorgeous AND polite? And just where did you find him again?)

Anonymous said...

Karen, delighted to hear that your job is safe...what an awful thing to have to deal with at the start of the new year.
India your new website is a triumph, am loving every bit of it!
x Abby