Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Late for school this morning because I was watching Lorraine Kelly discussing false eyelashes on GMTV.

This is wrong on so many levels I don't know where to start.*

* (For those of you who didn't catch it because you were taking your children to school on time, let me just say that the Shu Uemura glittery diamond ones were my top pick. See, I may be a bad parent but it's all in the name of public service.)


Rachel said...


Walks sadly away shaking head with disbelief...


xx P.s. India, I can't find the eyelashes on the link-where are they?

Rachel said...

Found them! Could buy a lot of Cheese Strings with £13.70!

Anonymous said...

SUCH a bad example to be setting. Tsk tsk.
Abby Green - polishing her halo.

Karen said...

Well, the piece I saw on GMTV was about bra's (for the fuller lady amongst us, what me?), which will prove to be more expensive that the smaller one's?
Shock horror, how will Mark's & Spencer manage with that?
xx Karen

Poppy said...

I know, Rach, I know... I might be able to justify it if I was watching naughty Kate Garraway (an ideal M&B heroine if ever there was one)but Lorraine Kelly... There's just no excuse for that. I've let myself down more than anyone, really.

(But did you like the sparkly lashes??)

Abby-- as a Strictly Come Dancing obsessive you absolutely cannot take the moral high ground when it comes to trash TV. OK? And anyway, I'll see your halo and raise you with my glittery fake eyelashes. So there.

Karen, I saw that too (blush-- no wonder we were late...) M&S justify this by the extra structural support needed in a larger bra, apparently. And the engineers required to build it, perhaps? Ho hum. Poor things-- they're desperate to recoup those credit crunch losses somehow. I've also noticed they're not putting as many prawns in their sandwiches these days either.

India said...

Oh bugger. That was me. Why can't the daughters remember to sign out of their gmail accounts?

Kate Hardy said...

OK, I have no style gene (daughter has my share)... to me, they looked like mutant millipedes.

Or maybe I'm in my heroine's head. (We're talking SO NOT GLAM and I'm going to be in trouble...)

India said...

Kate-- snigger at the idea of sticking millipedes to your eyelids. It's a good budget option though, and Rach is right-- 13.70 is a lot of cash. If you stuck the millipedes on with glitter glue I reckon you'd have a pretty similar effect. Get your heroine to try it!

Rachel said...

Dear India,

I must confess that a part of me DOES like the sparkly lashes but (sigh) I could have really used them about twenty years ago. I suspect all that glitter would illuminate my wrinkles and the effect would be somewhat 'Dame Edna'. Him Indoors would also laugh his M&S pants off.

Lots of love,

Michelle Styles said...

I am impressed.

I am not talking about larger bras and M&S. Have the women in question not discovered bravissimo?

Anonymous said...

When I told my lovely SIL that I was leaving my Dilbert cubicle in an open plan office to become a full-time writer her first response was -
'How fantastic. You can watch day time telly all day and catch up on all of the soaps!'
um, no.
On the other hand, I claim half my TV costs and licence etc under research on my TAX, so as long as SOMEONE wears the fake eyelashes in a future tale?
Thinks. Perhaps the glue used to attach these items is not powerful enough for 'bedroom activity' and another person finds one fake eyelash... not hers... in a VERY inappropriate place?
LOL. All grist to the mill.

India said...

Oh dear. Dame Edna. (puts credit card away, utterly crestfallen) You're right, Rach... (sniff.)

Michelle-- apparently M&S have caved now (clever them-- she says cynically) so Bravissimo might not benefit from defecting customers. I don't like M&S bras myself, but sadly don't think I quite qualify to shop at Bravissimo. Sainsbury's all the way for me.(But, oh the embarrassment of having a 14 year old boy scout shove armfuls of underwear into your bag for life along with the cherry tomatoes and washing up liquid...)

Nina-- I'm liking your thinking! Which reminds me how much I'm looking forward to your book coming out!