Wednesday, 3 June 2009

No More Cakes and Ale

There's not much to celebrate about being 39, but yesterday was such a glorious, golden day that it made an excellent work-avoidance/cake-and-champagne-in-the-sunshine excuse

Today it's all very different.

The sun has vanished and I am sitting despondently in front of my keyboard guzzling anti-ageing multivitamins, swigging water (to promote youthful, dewy complexion and shift hangover) and googling 'industrial-strength miracle wrinkle cream'. Am trying very hard to ignore the siren call of the Double Decker (birthday present from Daughter #2) hidden behind the books on the shelf as it is strictly not in accordance with my new, grown-up regime of vitality-boosting, antioxidant-rich raw foods.

Only 364 days to go until I'm 40.


Kate Hardy said...

Oh, bless. Happy birthday for yesterday. (And I am so glad now that I didn't send you the alphabet truffles that had your name written on them. See, I was virtuous on your behalf. Unfortunately DH got Lindor balls for his birthday and I, ahem, have to replace them.)

40 isn't so bad. Honest :)

Romy said...

Belated happy birthday! At least you had sunshine, which is a great omen for the coming year.

Trenda said...

Happy Belated Birthday, India! The cake is adorable!



Jane said...

Happy Belated Birthday, India. What kind of presents did you get?

GothamMommy said...

Happy Birthday! I'm with you on the anti-ageing creams. The trouble is, I believe everything written on the box. Stupid, I know. I won't tell you about the cream that's supposed to make stretch marks disappear that I bought for an appallingly large amount of money... wait, I just did! The fine print said it reduced stretchmarks by a whopping 15%. I don't think it did even that for me.

Kate Hewitt said...

Oops--I was signed in as GothamMommy which my daughter created for me when she was messing about on the computer! How embarrassing.

Brigitte said...

Gemini, huh! That makes two of you. DH birthday is on the 6th. Favourite people of mine, those Gemini, I can tell you!
Did you get to go out to dinner with your Significant Other? There's always time on Saturday, if you didn't get around to a candlelit dinner. Will be thinking of you, because that's what we will do come Saturday.
Happy Birthday.

Amanda Holly said...

Happy belated birthday to my favourite Modern Romance author!

And forty ain't so bad! :-) Trust me these are the years that should be called the naughty forties! It's when we realise what we should have been doing in our twenties and thirties but were too busy to realise at the time!


Anne McAllister said...

Happy birthday belatedly, India! Sounds like the weather cooperated. Always a good thing.

India said...

Oooh-- thank you everybody!!

Kate, you're so sweet and thoughtful, and it's MUCH appreciated. I shall be relying on you for counselling in the coming months.

Romy, what a lovely thought! I kind of just looked at the weather as being a message from the birthday fairy saying 'step away from the keyboard' but I like the idea of having a positive year even better. Thank you!

Cake was a husband special, Trenda. Adorable, if a little... biscuit-like. But really, very lovely (and calorific. But with strawberries in so counting for several portions of fruit because I ate so much of it.)

Jane, I'm spoiled backwards and I got lovely things. A pea green cashmere scarf from Him. A Double Decker (do you have those Stateside? If not I must send you one!) and some raspberry jam from daughters 2 & 3. A necklace from daughter 3, and perfume from my mother (Jo Malone-- I'm a bit addicted.) Abby Green sent me a really gorgeous necklace and some work-avoidance/inspiration DVDs and lovely Ms Hardy sent the most heavenly box of Lush bath treats. So, all in all I was spoiled to bits and it's no wonder I can't settle back to work today!

Kate (love the pseudonym!) I tried to forgo the expensive stuff and just use olive oil to cleanse my face. A whole raft of spots later I'm back to the Eve Lom....

India said...

Sorry to disappear before I'd had a chance to reply to everyone! Got a phonecall from daughter #1 demanding to be picked up, so in the manner of a royal chauffeur or similar I had to drop everything and return to duty.

Happy Birthday to your dh for the 6th Brigitte! We didn't get around to going out-- partly because the weather was so nice and it seemed mad to drive anywhere when we could have dinner under the apple tree and sink lots of champagne, but also because I tend to get birthday denial and refuse to let him book anywhere (and the restaurants round here don't quite match up to your local ones!) Hope you have a fabulous time-- I want to hear all about where you go and what its like!

Amanda, that comment qualifies you for a huge hug and some cyber birthday champagne-- thank you! You're absolutely right about enjoying now what we didn't back then... Too busy, and too damn anxious about what other people thought, I reckon. Here's to being past caring!

Thanks for your good wishes Anne. The summer here is set to be a good one, apparently. Can we tempt you over to enjoy the end of it for AMBA in September? (wistful look...)

Jane said...

Wow, you got awesome presents. I don't know what A Double Decker is. I'm guessing you're not talking about the bus.

Rachel said...

Happy belated birthday, India!

Amanda is right, reaching forty is actually quite cool once you've got over the shock. It means you're officially grown up enough to be really childish/badly behaved and actually get away with it. Especially with very young,attractive, male shop assistants.

Lots of love,

Trenda said...

I've never heard of a Double Decker either, India. Well, except the bus, like Jane said. Are we missing out on something amazing?

India said...

Jane and Trenda-- leave it to me! Such a gap in your education just isn't acceptable. Double Deckers will be on their way to you.

Rach, there's a story there. Spill.