Friday, 3 July 2009


Some Things I Have Not Been Doing
  1. Updating my blog
  2. Enjoying the heatwave
  3. Enjoying Wimbledon
  4. Enjoying much else
  5. Hoovering
  6. Keeping up with emails (sorry sorry sorry)

Some things I have been doing. A lot

  1. Writing
  2. Spooning Calpol into Daughter #3 who has been off school for a week and a half
  3. Saying 'but I have a DEADLINE!' in a shouty, teeth-clenched voice
  4. Deleting (see 1. above)
  5. Eating dark chocolate kitkats
  6. Feeling jealous of Abby Green who is flying off to Venice today

So, what's everyone else been up to?


Rach said...

Have been procrastinating here far too much really and know I will regret it bitterly when the school holidays begin...

Poor petal you and sickly daughter, hugs to you both--a week and a half?! Wibble...

Too hot for hoovering anyway, India. And ironing. And cooking anything that requires an oven. Wimbledon also a bit sweaty right now too(wish I could bring myself to drool over Murray but just CAN'T).

Thinking of you with the hideous deadline. Don't forget to load up the Sainsburys van with extra gin and tonic And a slice of lime for health obviously.

Lots of love,


Michelle Styles said...

Poor you.

I am starting to do the deadline clench as well.
And with Venice -- well just think over crowded and a certain ordour in the heat. Best to go when the crowds are not there.
Hopefully your daughter will be well soon

India said...

School holidays... yikes, Rach, don't remind me!

House seems to be a magnet for dust, dried grass, woodshavings from guinea pig cage, crumbs (toast and biscuit) and cat fluff, all of which is gathering to form a sort of mulch on the carpets. But like you say-- too hot to hoover. And where is my hoover anyway? Last seen somewhere in daughter #1's bedroom, and since she can't have been thinking of using it for, well, hoovering, it must now be acting as some kind of clothes horse.

Daughter picking up now, thank goodness. A second trip to the doctor yielded a diagnosis of pharyngitis (sp?) and some antibiotics, praise be. Much more satisfactory than the first visit which yielded a diagnosis of nothing as the doctor asked daughter #3 (who's 8) how she was, and she issued her stock response of 'fine thank you.' Big sigh.

Deadline clench-- I love that phrase Michelle. Hope that you're making progress on yours. It's been slow here, but I'm incredibly relieved to say that I'm now really loving the story. Of course that means I'm going to go massively over the word count... (Again.)

You're probably right about Venice in this heat. A chance to enjoy my own back garden would be good!

Jane said...

Hi India,
I sent you an email with my addy. Thanks so much. Good luck with the deadline. I've been watching Wimbledon, too. At least the American women are doing well.

Trenda Plunkett said...

Have been spending far too much time on-line and not nearly enough time being productive at anything. I blame the heat. :-)

Have been enjoying far too much of daughter's dark chocolate fudge birthday cake whilst holding back tears of disbelief: where did the last 10 years go?

Have been trying not to notice how my favorite pair of jeans no longer fit and how often I am reaching for yoga pants instead. :-(

I do hope your little one is feeling much better! Best wishes with the glad to see in your comment that you are loving the story now.!

Hugs and much love,


Kate Hewitt said...

I'm so glad you're loving your story--you're a better woman than I am, as I never got to that point!!

Let me know when you send it in so I can raise a glass--or two!

xx Kate

Brigitte said...

School's off here too, so no more rising before dawn. Phew!
Can have much deserved lie-in for two months now, as school only starts on september 3rd.

Has been very hot so have been doing a lot of reading in the shade. My TBR pile has diminished somewhat, but have ordered more books this morning. Really shouldn't pile will grow again!
One major glitch while reading though, is following remark, uttered by son at around 11 am, every single day: what's for lunch today? Daughter, poking her head around the corner eagerly nodding....
How come they need to be fed every lunch time??? Can't spare the time with all the books to be read!!

Hope your daughter is feeling better now and wishing you a lovely summer.

Kristy said...

Hi India

The state of your house sounds very much like mine, although luckily I've been on holiday at my parent-in-law's house in Devon for the last week and a half and haven't had to face it. Bliss.

Their house is big enough to not appear immediately cluttered with toys and pristine - at least it was until we descended on it.

I've been diligently working towards completing my manuscript, (between trips to the beach and various play parks) since sending off the first three chapters and synopsis. Am now waiting with baited breath for a reply. (I realise it may be some time before I get a reply, so will try to breathe in the meantime.)

I LOVED Spanish Aristocrat, Forced Bride. I devoured it in greedy chunks after it dropped though my door (the first time I've won anything, a brilliant feeling, especially because it was such a fantastic prize!) Thank you. As always, your settings and atmospheres were described with exquisite poignancy and the characters leapt of the page at me. I have to admit to bawling my eyes out at the end. Emotionally wrung out is not the word!

I can't wait to get my hands on your next story, I'm looking forward to reading it already.

Hope it's all falling into place for you now. Sending you all my best wishes.

India said...

Jane-- thanks for that! Hope it's reached you OK at long last. (Wimbledon seems ages ago now!)

Chocolate fudge birthday cake is well worth the calories Trenda. My jeans don't fit because I eat too many biscuits which aren't even that nice. I'm with you on the insane passing of time though-- have years got a bit shorter or something? I can't believe how quickly they go. (Said in the manner of a very old person.)

Kate, I know your story is going to be so powerful and strong-- not sure I can say the same for mine! But it's been great to go through this with you xx

Ah, Brigitte-- I SO agree!! Blooming 3 times a day! And so fussy too... 'we had sandwiches yesterday' is a familiar complaint in our house. As if they expect a constantly varied menu featuring Lobster Thermidore and foie gras. Am thinking of putting them in charge of lunches this holiday.

Kristy, lucky you with parents in law in Devon (with a big, clean house too-- will they have us to stay do you think?) Keep going on the manuscript; hope you hear back soon. (It does take a while, but in the meantime you must keep writing!) Thanks so much for lovely comments on Spanish Aristocrat! So kind of you. xx