Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Taking laziness to a new level

We’re at the stage of the summer holidays now where getting dressed before 11am or achieving any sort of efficiency is just a dim and distant memory. Every day new items are added to my list of things to do, but somehow the prospect of naming all daughter #2’s new school uniform, sorting out my office and updating my website is just too overwhelming—I am adrift on a soothing sea of summer apathy and am in no hurry to pick up the oars and row back to shore with its daunting and wearisome array of imperatives. Thoughts and ideas for future books are positively burgeoning in my head like the fat harvest of apples on the tree in the garden (very early this year) No doubt most of these will languish indefinitely in the mental equivalent of our iced-up freezer, however the feeling of storing them up is most satisfying.

A small voice in the back of my head is telling me that I'll pay for all this glorious laziness later. Shall go and feed it chocolate cake and shut it up.


Rachel said...

Oh 'loaf' on, India!

You don't sew labels on to uniform do you? Indelible laundry pen is the answer here! And (hoots of joy) this year I've managed to foist the annual 'hemming' trauma on the newsagent's ever so domesticated wife for a very reasonable, grey market economy, sum.

Make hay as they say...

Lots of love,


Michelle Styles said...

You know, I just figured that my children would not lose their kit.
Possibly a silly assumption but it stood me well.
When they first went to school, yes, I did attempt the whole sewing in thing and then the permanent marker pen, but finally figured that they were adult enough in by the end of first school.
I vote for loafing...the world needs more India Grey stories.

Kate Hardy said...

So glad we're not the only ones who don't get dressed before 11 at this stage of the holidays.

I would recommend the office sort-out, though. It might not last for long, but those few days (OK, hours, in my case) of having utter tidiness is very empowering.

Enjoy your cake :o)

India said...

Oh blimey, no name tapes here Rach. Even indelible laundry pen is an organisational step too far for me. But biro works OK... for a while, anyway. Congrats on successful delegation of tasks. Make sure you do something good with the time you've just bought yourself!

It's an interesting theory Michelle-- might have to put that one to the test this term! Thanks for the vote in favour of loafing. It's been blooming lovely, I have to say, but the return to the fray is going to be grim.

Kate, you make me feel so much better! (But how come you manage to not get up until 11 and still get work done? You are Hermione Granger in disguise!) Office still not sorted. Maybe next week, as a sort of incentive to work..???