Friday, 4 December 2009

Group Hug

Thanks to everyone who held my hand and offered advice on my mini-crisis last week – I’m hugely grateful, and relieved to say that it’s all looking a bit more positive now (thanks to you guys, a bottle of wine and an hour long call to Abby Green’s Writers’ Helpline.) I’m not actually that much further on in terms of word count, but I now have a stupidly detailed outline. And I’m not afraid to use it.

As of today I also have a big box of paperback copies of Powerful Italian, Penniless Housekeeper, which is out in both the US and UK in January. That means that next week I can seize that as an excuse to take time out from doing battle with the book I haven’t yet written to blog about one that I have! Excellent!

(This is my Italian film director book. Do you want to see what it looks like? It has Ricky Gervaise on the cover!)


Rachel said...

AAAH! Yes, he looks just like Ricky doesn't he? And from where I'm sitting, SHE looks a bit like... a bit like you!!

So glad you've survived the blip, India and am anxiously awaiting the lovely postie who may be bringing my anxiously awaited copy of your Powerful Italian very soon. Today would be good--had the 'sick spoon' out again most of last night again!

Very grateful for the red wine endorsement too! Any excuse...

Lots of love,

Sally Clements said...

Really glad you're back on track India, and glad the interviewing idea made sense, although interviewing someone about why they don't want to be interviewed totally does my head in!
After feeling discouraged that my last but one wip didn't get the seal of approval (publication!) after a second read through by Wild Rose, I'm going back to it and examining every scene to up the ante. Too many cups of tea apparently, but how can you exist without tea? Must think of the fortifying power of true love. That should do it! (and meeting up with Abby in New Year to try out new scenes on her if that fails!)

Sally Clements said...

p.s. Stop that snuggling up to Mr Gervais, you can do better!

Kate Hewitt said...

I was going to say she looks like you as well! And I think Ricky Gervais would be flattered with the comparison ;) So glad the current wip is working out!

Rachel said...

India, it's arrived! Salvation is mine!

I am studying the cover very closely now--just what are you doing to Sig. Gervais' jacket exactly? Poor bloke is getting quite a mauling by the looks of it!

Showing my age here but do you remember 'More To Lose' by Seona Dancing, Ricky's New Romantic band in the '80's? Wasn't half bad on the teenage angst front as I recall. On the playlist?

(Naughty giggles)


India said...

Snurk at the idea that she looks remotely like me (20 years and 3 stone ago, maybe. If you half close your eyes)But the cover blurb does say something about 'her fuller figure' so maybe it's not too ridiculous... (I kid you not. Fuller figure. Check it out on the browse the book thingy!)

Rach, deep sympathy on the necessity of the sick spoon again. (What do you do with it, or don't I want to know?) I'm definitely prescribing hot bath and red wine for you tonight. I'd quite forgotten about Seona Dancing by the way, but passed a happy little five minutes just now revisiting them on youtube. So earnest!

(I thought the same thing about the jacket, by the way. Obviously one of Pavarotti's cast-offs. So much for the Presents hero's taste for bespoke tailoring!)

Sally, well done you for going back and revisiting your lovely ms. I hate the thought of you depriving your poor characters of tea (I think I managed to base my whole first book around a tea-related premise) but I'm sure you can make up for it a bit by giving them more sex. Followed by a nice cup of tea, of course. If you're still floundering I can thoroughly recommend a couple of hours with Abby Green (and can guarantee that tea will not feature at any point during that little get together!)

Hello Kate! Thinking of you lots as I sit up late at my keyboard... How's your ms coming along?

Michelle Styles said...

Group hug back!!!

I totally trust you to pull it off btw.

Jane said...

Congrats on receiving your author copies. It does look a bit like Ricky. I do find Ricky attractive because of his great personality.

Trenda Plunkett said...

India, so glad you left behind the black cloud of last week. I knew you would! Love the cover of your new book, btw.

Tomorrow, my lovely daughter will be trooping through the bitter cold with her Girl Scout pals in a local Christmas parade. Must bundle her up in spite of her protests, "But, Mommy, if I wear my coat, no one will see my cute pajamas!" (The Scouts are all dressing in pajamas and carrying teddy bears. Too adorable for words!) At least she hasn't objected to the thermal underwear I insisted on purchasing!

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy plenty of tea!


Amanda Holly said...

Doing the happy dance for you! Imagine the dancing baby from Ally McBeal days here ... well I look nothing like it on the outside but you should see me on the inside! LOL!

Can't wait to read the new book.

India said...

Oh, I've been away too long!

Michelle, thanks so much for the vote of confidence. You know, I hope, how much difference it makes.

Jane, I agree about the personality thing, but you are a just SO much nicer than me. Shallow, shallow, shallow, that's me. I want Johnny Depp on my cover. Or, for this particular book, Keanu Reeves. Which is probably very ironic when it comes to books and covers...

Oooh, well done on buying that thermal underwear Trenda. Must say, I could do with some here today. Hope the procession went well and you got lots of lovely photos-- what a gorgeous way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Amanda-- that made me smile! Thanks honey! xxx