Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday morning, 6 am

Wake up and lie in the dark, listening to the gurgle of the central heating, fighting post-weekend ennui and thinking about all the things I have to do today. Top of the list is update this blog, so I run the last week back in my mind and try to think of something exciting/interesting/profound that I could possibly say about it.

Panic. There is nothing. Heart racing I slide beneath the duvet as I come to terms with the fact that I am a mad recluse who sits hunched at the computer all day hugging hot water bottles and wearing His down-filled body warmer (green and over-large, therefore making me look remarkably like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – or, more accurately, a thirty-something one) and only tearing myself away for raids on the biscuit tin and the school run, where I often fail to make conversation with anyone – partly because of the ninja turtle lookalike thing, but also because I am still listening to the people in my head. (You see? Virtually certifiable.)

Am at the point of wondering if anyone will notice if I fabricate a glamorous weekend in Provence or meeting Robert Pattinson at a dinner party, and then I remember that it’s now only a week until the launch of the brand new shiny PHS Book Club, where Powerful Italian Penniless Housekeeper is the first book up for discussion. The relief! Something to blog about. (I love Donna Alward even more than I love the marshmallow cupcakes daughter #2 and I made from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook yesterday, and that is a considerable amount of love.) A book club for category romance is such a fantastic idea that I can’t believe no-one’s done it before so I utterly can’t wait for this one and warn you that unless for example James D'Arcy arrives at my house and proposes on the doorstep (marriage or anything else) or I get spotted by a modelling scout who's just realised the Thirty-something Mutant Ninja Turtle look is the Next Big Thing and whisks me off for a life of international stardom, I'll probably mention it a few more times between now and the 26th January.

Get up feeling much lighter of heart and more positive of outlook. Happy Monday everyone.


Brigitte said...

Happy Monday to you too, India. Actually I hope you'll enjoy your whole week - make that snow free whole week;

I've had it with the weather. First so much snow that I had to go on a treasure hunt in the morning, trying to figure out which car in the street was mine.
Now it's unseasonably warm which gave me dizzy spells during a shopping spree at the sales because hadn't dressed appropriately. I have to say: sales will be my death! Luckily next one is several months away. Expect will have recovered by then:))

Oh, and BTW, your post always sends me off for a good week. Keeps me chuckling away... and I expect you to call me when you meet Robert Pattinson. You're not getting him all to yourself!!

India said...

Oh Brigitte - lovely to hear from you. I'm so dreadfully sorry because I owe you (and many, many other people) an email. Thanks to my shiny new computer this isn't as simple as it sounds because all emails are now stored on the old PC which means I can't easily access them to reply. This is good from a work-output point of view, but not so good from a keeping in touch one!

I loved the image of you searching for the right car in the snow. Think there definitely has to be a story there...

And if RPatz shows up here I'm afraid we'll both have to stand aside for my daughter. (I certainly wouldn't like to stand in her way where he's concerned...) Is yours a Twihard girl too?

Brigitte said...

She's not a Twilight fan....fortunately for me! She's more into Nick...of the Jonas fame. I must admit, he's quite cute. She's got good taste - must come from her Mum; LOL!!
Had to sit through two of their concerts this year. Imagine, them coming twice over here!!
I have to say, the second time I had learned my lesson - earplugs, it was. That certainly has something to say on my advancing years?! Hope not.

Rachel said...

Happy Monday it is, India!

No snow.

Children at school for five whole days in a row.


Lots of love,


Donna Alward said...

Am humbled that I do rank on the love-meter ahead of marshmallowy, sweet, and probably gooey delish cupcakes.

You know I adore you too, right?

Just to add to your excitement/paranoia/anxiety I have finished the book and posted my thoughts and they are just waiting for next week to arrive so they appear in blogland.

I'm so nervous about it (kind of like when you invite people to a party and are deathly afraid no one will show up) so if worse comes to worst, we shall be there together eating cupcakes and I will tell you how brilliant you are. Agreed?

Kathy said...

Happy Monday!

Your life sounds so familiar :)
I manage to do the school run or bus stop and keep going too. If I stop, I loose everything that is stirring around in my head.

Have a great week!!

India said...

Brigitte - they came over twice, and you took your daughter BOTH times? Oh knickers... you are so much nicer a mother than I am. (Is that a proper sentence? If not can I amend it to 'you are so much nicer a mother, and so much better a writer, even though English is your, like third? language...' Thank you.)

Rachel, what are you even doing here? Have you not got a MANUSCRIPT TO REVISE? Get to it, you wicked girl!

Donna -you, me and the marshmallow cupcakes sounds perfect. (We don't have to talk about the book for too long, do we?)

Kathy, I'm so glad that sounds like normal to you. On my more abstracted days I really do think I might be less of a danger to myself and others just staying in bed. (There was that incident with the juicy plot dilemma and the red traffic light last year...)

Joanne Coles said...

I've read your book and loved it so will be joining you and Donna (and no doubt tons of others) over at the PHS. I think the idea for the book club is inspired, any excuse for romance minded people to get together and chat :-)

Brigitte said...

Yep, third language, though I consider it my second. French being my third. But now French is my first, as in how often I use it during the day.
Don't worry, it confuses me too. LOL

Sally Clements said...

Hi India. Just read Powerful Italian Penniless Housekeeper, and wanted to gush about how much I liked it. I ignored Ricky G on the cover and plowed right on in, and it is a lovely book, a real keeper for the shelf!

India said...

Joanne, it's a fab idea isn't it? (although a regular and irresistible distraction from work is probably the last thing I need..) Looking forward to seeing you there!

Brigitte... (shakes head in mute admiration.) I can't form a sentence in one language some days.

Sally, that's the spirit! I understand that Ricky's profile has been greatly increased by the Golden Globes, but even so I'd prefer it if everyone pretended not to notice him on the cover of my book. So glad you enjoyed it anyway! xx