Thursday, 8 April 2010

Coming down gradually

Yesterday I managed to stop eating Easter chocolate long enough to talk to Matt White at BBC Radio Manchester for a full seven minutes. (starting at 1.04)

(Today I’m hoping to go for a whole ten, although without lovely Matt to distract me it's going to be hard. But needs must. Supplies are beginning to run low and the book isn't finished yet...)

Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Already

I was going to come on and post that I’d finished my book as a hilarious April Fool joke, but then realized it wasn’t actually that funny.

The Easter holidays are in full swing and I’m trying to organize the daughters into cleaning the house for me in preparation for the arrival of family tomorrow while I shut myself away and write. Realistically, this is likely to end up in a) arguments, and b) extravagant use of cleaning products for little discernible result, but it is an excellent way of getting them away from screen-based entertainment while also cunningly diverting attention from my own glaring domestic inadequacies. All I need to do is to proudly announce soon after everyone arrives that the children have been in charge of the cleaning and tidying, and suddenly I don’t look so much like a revolting, neglectful slattern but one of those wholesome, creative people who prizes effort above results.

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter, with lots of chocolate and not so much snow. (Although both are a very good reason to lie on the sofa and watch Casablanca...)