Thursday, 8 April 2010

Coming down gradually

Yesterday I managed to stop eating Easter chocolate long enough to talk to Matt White at BBC Radio Manchester for a full seven minutes. (starting at 1.04)

(Today I’m hoping to go for a whole ten, although without lovely Matt to distract me it's going to be hard. But needs must. Supplies are beginning to run low and the book isn't finished yet...)


Kaz19 said...

What a fantastic interview! You were great, and congrats on beating him on the quiz.
They were easy peazy questions tho weren't they? I think he really thought he would catch you out.
Hah! As you were answering him, I answered the same time as you.
xx Karen

Rachel said...

Wow! Can't wait until you bring Ricardo Thrust to life, India!

Lovely interview, it must be so cool to know your stuff and be so utterly composed--I just know I would be a gibbering idiot. And say something really stupid before I could stop myself.

How's the White Chair of Creativity bearing up chocolate crumb wise then?

Lots of love,


Francine said...

Hi India,

Fab interview, and all hail Woman Vs Man quiz!

Uhmm, thinking "fun questions" and the fact that your blog is chic in appearance and often witty (ha ha) would you care to accept a Beautiful Blogger Award?

There are 5 fun questions to answer, and five subs per major. Feel free to copy/paste image and details on Beautiful Blogger Page at my blog.



Brigitte said...

Lovely to hear to talk, India.
I knew, I just knew you were going to cite Orlando! One of my favourite books too. There was so much emotion in that story.

And about those titles...I think M&B should get some fresh air into their marketing team. Mostly I find these titles so boring and repetitive. I don't even pay attention to them any more as I select by author exclusively.

Have a lovely week with lots and lots of sunshine - hopefully you have the same nice spring weather we are having.

Brigitte said...

It's meant to be "you talk", obviously.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Just popping in to say hello! Hope you're writing as I need an India Grey "fix"! xx