Wednesday, 2 February 2011

It's *that* day again...

Uh-oh. Wednesday. However, after last week's mini-meltdown, am determined to break the cycle and forge ahead in huge, sweeping strides today. Am wearing my lucky bra and have lit some of my current favourite scented candles (though in looking for a link I've just seen this one and feel a purchase coming on. Library! Our local library smells a bit like wet tweed and schoolboys, but I definitely like the sound of wood and amber. Most conducive to serious work.)

Anyway, having discovered you can fit a croissant (if you squash it slightly first) into the new toaster we bought at the weekend, I have also taken the precaution of carb-loading in anticipation of today's huge output of creative energy. Committed, that's me. Wish me luck.


Morton S Gray said...

Ahh you've answered what is wrong with me. I'm drifting around, unable to get my teeth into anything (writing wise that is no problem with snacks). It's Wednesday! I feel better now i know what the problem is.

Don't fancy a library smelling candle. I haven't got a lucky bra, but then mine are more like serious scaffolding!

Hope your Wednesday is creative. Mx

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Library smelling candles, eh? How intriguing. You must buy one now and tell us what it's like!

Lucky bra: details please.(snigger). Do your knickers have to match for it to be effective?

Glad you are calm and serene this Wednesday, darling and not googling Superman all day or anything ...

Catherine J said...

Retail therapy seems like a good Wednesday coping strategy to me.

I like the look of that Library Candle! I'm thinking it needs to evoke ancient volumes, a window seat and the faded elegance of a country house,though - doing battle at the self-checkout in the local library, not so much!

Hope you're having a good Wednesday.


Serenity said...

Lucky bra, lol. Does it grant you three wishes?

Hope your Wednesday went well. Heading towards the weekend here n NZ.

India said...

Wednesday wasn't too bad in the end, Morton. I only wrote, deleted and re-wrote one mini-ish scene, which by recent standards is excellent. And I did also manage to make a bit of progress on the next scene too (though that might be next in the 'delete and re-write' queue this morning...) Hope you managed to whip your Wednesday into some kind of shape too.

Rach and Catherine, I had my credit card poised to buy a library candle, but then I had my head turned by Sacristy, Log Fire, Vetiver ('A hint of the luxurious captured in the folds of smoky grey velvet curtains') and Soothing. How to choose? The only place I know that sells these treasures is John Lewis, so I think a research trip is in order. What was that? Oh yes, better write my book first... (Oh, and no matching knickers Rach. That's far too organised for me!)

Serenity, my lucky bra is rubbish when it comes to granting wishes - except I suppose unless you wished for a Dolly Parton cleavage - but usually good for boosting morale. However I've decided now that it's not all that lucky for writing days, since the sensation of having my chest displayed between me and the keyboard in the manner of a platter of exotic fruit wasn't actually greatly conducive to concentration. Will have to think of a new lucky charm. Huge bar of Galaxy Cookie Crumble, perhaps??

Sharon Kendrick said...

By a spooky coincidence, I bought one of these candles in John Lewis last week, India.

Tempted by seasonal Hyacinth (just a tad TOO highly-scented), I opted instead for Fig, which is soft and delicious and intended to transform the basement into some exotic locale to cope with the overspill from my Sunday lunch party! x

Suzanne Jones said...

Hope your Wednesday was very productive.

My problem is Fridays - every week seems to pass so quickly these days that whenever I wake up it's Friday morning and I haven't done anything on my to-do-list for the week.


India said...

Ooh - so sorry Sharon and Suzanne!

Sharon, your lunch party will have been and gone by now, but I know it will have been a fabulous success, with or without the fig candle! I have real hyacinths out in pots all over the place at the moment and the scent is astonishingly powerful. Lovely, but very pervasive.

Suzanne, you've identified another problem that I struggle with too - the 'where did the week go' panic of finding it's 1pm on Friday and you've only just got started on what you wanted to achieve for the week. (That's what happens when you trash everything on Wednesday and start again!) What's the answer? If you find one let me know!!