Monday, 21 March 2011


With exactly one week to go until Deadline Day, I'd really like to be totally immersed in the book and only emerging into real life occasionally, reluctantly and for as short a time as possible. However, since last Tuesday when Daughter #3 started throwing up, right through the weekend when Mr G absented himself from domestic duty and went to Edinburgh for a weekend of rugby, beer and debauchery with my brothers, to the middle of last night when Daughters 2 and 3 started with the Virulent Vomiting Virus, events have been conspiring against me somewhat.

My head is still there. Just need to find time for my fingers to keep up.


Rachel said...

Oh no! Shall I send up The Spoon?!

Talk about law of the sod,darling, I hope things perk up soon and that Mr G is wielding the Febreze as we speak!


Morton S Gray said...

Hi India,
There seem to be a lot of bugs going around. My little boy was off Thursday and Friday - he felt sick but thankfully wasn't. Hope all back to health shortly. Mx

Kalliope Bell said...

Oh, dear! Bless you, India, and your sweet girls, too. I hope all three are much better soon! Take care of you too, lovey, and stay well.

xx Trenda

India said...

Yes please, Rach!! And can you also have a word with Sainsburys about putting holes in the bottom of their carrier bags? Much febreeze needed in the car thanks to that...

Morton, I'm glad you were spared that bit at least. Hope he's on the mend now. Here it just goes on, but at least it means I'm freed from cooking duty as the deadline thunders closer, because no-one here is bothered about eating. (Except me of course, but I'm getting my protein requirements from creme eggs.)

Thanks so much Trenda! It did occur to me yesterday that I might be the next one to succumb, but I haven't got time, so let's hope not! (Should really try to improve my creme egg diet if I want to stay healthy though... hmmm) Hope you're all well xxx