Monday, 26 September 2011

Downton Debrief (WARNING: may contain massive spoilers)

My, things are moving fast in downtown Downton aren't they? April 1917 already (the war definitely will be over by Christmas at this rate...) Thomas is back in Yorkshire and back at work, though the wound in his hand still looks alarmingly fresh. Matthew is still in one piece (no surprises there, having seen his battle-dodging last week) and heading back off to the trenches, where the sniping will be far less fierce than in the Dining Room at Downton. Edith finally gets a snogging scene, while Bates is missing in action, Maggie Smith's Jennifer Saunders impression gets better and better and Carson finds it all a bit much.

I really like the way the seemingly irredeemable O'Brien is oh-so-gradually revealing her human side, and I loved the set-up for future heartache in the storyline between Daisy and William. (Relationship Dilemma 1917-style: you don't want to finish with your boyfriend just before he heads off to the trenches incase he dies. But what if he just gets horribly injured...?)

So what did everyone else think of Episode two ?


Michelle Styles said...

I loved episode 2. I love how OBrien is being set up for a confrontation between her former fave Thomas and the new one Lang.
The man who played the press baron was a baddie in Game of Thrones (or will be unmasked as one...) and he played a baddie in Spooks. I suspect he will be bad in this one as well. I hope Mary doesn't make a mistake. remember after WW1 comes the Spanish flu where even more people died.

Sharon Kendrick said...

Thanks for posting the Comic Relief version, India - I'd forgotten just how funny it is. Especially the bit about the servants going "downstairs".... x

(Ps. My word verification demands that I type in "mings"!)

India said...

The relationship between Thomas and O'Brien is an interesting one, and the way it's being left deliberately unclarified is intriguing me. Do you think she's going to turn out to be his mother, and had to give him up to an orphanage or something because she wasn't married?

I wonder if they'll save the flu and the aftermath of war for the next series...

The first part of the comic relief version was hilarious too Sharon, but that one's my favourite because of the 'lovely lounge' bit. Never fails to make me laugh. (Must have a word with blogger on the subject of taste and decency - the other day I got one that was very nearly hugely offensive!)