Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Hurrah! Another Review!

This time from lovely Julie at Cataromance. As a reader I've long been a follower of Julie's reviews, so am way beyond delighted to be given 4.5 stars by her. I also loved the synopsis she did of the book, which picks up on lots of small details and encapsulates the plot perfectly.

And I'm also, you know, kind of vaguely pleased to be described as 'an amazingly talented storyteller who has written a captivating romantic novel that is sexy, funny, moving, dramatic and totally engrossing.'

(Eeeeeekkk!!! That's my entry for 'understatement of the week'. Am actually so thrilled that even the ongoing state of my fridge can't take the ridiculous smile from my face.)

Read it here!

In other news, the sun has at long, long last made an appearance, meaning I've been able to banish the children to the garden while I update my website. I'm running a competition between now and September, and have some signed books and other assorted bits and pieces to give away, plus one randomly selected person will have the dubious honour of having a character in my next book named after them! (either their first or second names). All you have to do is contact me via the website form to enter!

(I feel there is a higher than average number of exclamation marks in this post. A clear indicator of over-excitement.)


Eva said...


Anonymous said...

You should be excited!! Will head to the website ASAP to enter the contest and ooh and ahh over the updates.

Congratulations, darling, or as Eva so succinctly put it:

India said...

Thank you ladies!

The novelty will wear off soon, I promise!