Thursday, 27 March 2008

Back to business

Up early this morning to catch up on the wip after a manic long weekend of hilarity and chocolate (I still ache in unaccountable places—though whether this is from laughing, late-night dancing or extreme baking I’m not sure....) It's amazing how a few days away can seriously disrupt the flow, so its probably just as well that the children are going to spend the day at Grandma’s today and I can get seriously involved with my cynical Argentinean again.

Last Thursday, just before the Easter madness began, there was an interview with me in the Liverpool Daily Post, which (apart from the laughably gruesome photo!) was nice. My previous experience of newspaper interviews had made me anticipate the whole thing with a kind of doom-laden resignation, but Emma Pinch did a great job of making sense of my inarticulate ramblings and was lovely to talk to. I emailed my husband immediately to point out excitedly the part where she refers to me as a yummy mummy. He emailed straight back to point out that the interview was done over the phone.

Children are now trailing downstairs demanding breakfast, so I’d better go and oversee proceedings to make sure that this consists of cereal rather than chocolate. I'm unimpressed with their argument that eggs make ideal breakfast food. (For growing children, of course. For mums it's entirely different.)


Michelle Styles said...

Does extreme baking count as a sport activity?

Hooray on the article. It is lovely. You did an absolutely marvellous job. And yes, I am afraid you are in the Yummy Mummy/Nigella Lawson category. YOu must be very pleased.

Eva said...

Wonderful article, India! And lovely photo too - see, proof that you are definitely a 'yummy mummy'.

Love the line: "Women’s [fantasies] are about reclaiming their own love, about what it meant to be young and in love, where possibility is limitless and you never have to wait for a train because a private jet awaits."

That does it for me. Well said!

Donna Alward said...

Indeed. Gorgeous pic, so there! my husband saw my pics from Brown's and said, WHO IS THAT????? :-)

I mentioned your love of Krispy Kremes and he was completely...WOW.

Seriously...lovely interview and I concur with Eva. Did you have that part written down?????

In answer to the husband/research part....I have the perfect answer, writing for Romance...I have been asked, "How do you do your research?" (Complete with eyebrow wiggle). I answer, with a wink and a smile, that I do all my research at home. The person inevitably senses something juicy, then I hit them with, "HOwever, as I write for Romance, there's no explicit sex in my books." I get a laugh, and my husband gets the sympathy vote.

Well done, you.

India said...

Oh yes,Michelle-- extreme baking should definitely qualify as a sport for the 2012 Olympics! It involves a lot of high-intensity egg whisking, and then you have to invert the bowl above your head to see if they're done enough. You need nerves of steel, I tell you. And a shower cap.

Eva, I'm not sure that's exactly what I said (I think I said it's about reclaiming our lives) but it hardly matters because she really seemed to get the fantasy/escapist element of the books. (How was California by the way?!)

Donna, good answer! And I can't believe that you found the one guy on the planet who finds an addiction to Krispy Kreme doughnuts appealing...

(Does he have a brother?)

Donna Alward said...

LOL India...he has 2. Both married. One is actually married to my sister.

I think it was more of a "she eats Krispy Kremes and STILL looks like that? AND she's had children?" Kind of like what most of us think when we look at your gorgeousness. :-)

Amanda Ashby said...

I put the tatty remains of the easter baskets into two bowls for the kids and my son started calling it his easter cereal. Mind you, I think cereal would be a lot more popular if it did consist entirely of chocolate eggs and marshmallows!!

Am now off to read the article!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant article!!

And yes--you are a very yummy mummy!

Richard said...

Britney? Get away with you! Give me Keira Knightly and bag of chips any day.

India said...

Donna-- that's amazing that you and your sister are married to brothers. (Kind of disappointing for me, but amazing!) And given that I'm sitting here with my jeans held together with a safety pin and hair elastic, I think we'd have to say I look like this BECAUSE of the Krispy Kremes, and gorgeousness isn't in it! (Although your sweetness has cheered me up no end! xxx)

Amanda-- I think someone ought to market a cereal with marshmallows in it. I mean, they're just made of air or something, aren't they, so they can't be all that bad for you. (Or could beliefs like this account for the current jeans-and-safety-pin situation??)

Thanks lovely Brown (Though actually, I'm starting to see that the yummy thing could be a reference to the fact that I'm slightly obsessed with chocolate, Krispy Kreme dougnuts, marshmallow breakfast cereal etc)

Richard, I hope you'd be kind enough to share your chips with Keira. She looks like she could do with a bit of feeding up in my view. I know-- I'll get Amanda to send her a box of her brand new patented marshmallow and chocolate easter egg cereal...