Wednesday, 19 March 2008

It's all good!

My enthusiasm for the current wip has meant I’ve been holed up for so long in my office-in-the-attic with no internet connection (but with a great office chair) that I’ve completely lost touch with blogland. So on a swift catch-up visit this morning I was very excited to read over at iheartpresents that the judging for the Instant Seduction competition is complete. Huge respect to the editors for reading upwards of 600 manuscripts in such a short space of time, and even huger respect to everyone who submitted and has been waiting for the results—because to you that short space of time must have felt like three centuries. I can’t wait to find out the name of the winner, but almost the best bit is reading how brilliantly high the general standard of the entries was, and that there are going to be a number of runners up who’ll receive some editorial input. Well done to everyone.

So, I’m back to that stage of the book where real life has become, frankly, a bit of an imposition, which is just gorgeous (although admittedly slightly inconvenient) and a BIG relief after the struggle I had with the last book. Of course, it’s all about to go very much the shape of the pear again with the imminent onset of the Easter holidays (daughter #1 breaks up today!) but I shall just have to be very brave and stave off creative frustration with plenty of wine and Mini Eggs.

I love Easter. It’s like Christmas without the pressure, and with more chocolate and better weather. Am hoping that the Easter Bunny will bring me this egg from Hotel Chocolat but let’s face it, if he’s a friend of Muffin the rabbit I’ve got no chance. Muffin and I are barely on speaking terms thanks to his habit of eating every attractive thing in the garden, and my habit of yelling at him for it.

Perhaps I should be a bit more tolerant in future....?


Rachel said...

Mmm, yes better get out there quick and point Muffin in the direction of those lovely tender new shoots. It's a well known fact in our house that Nero the rabbit is on first name terms with the easter bunny and tells him EVERYTHING.It will be the same for you and no mistake.
Am currently in total agony waiting for the Instant Seduction Competition results. View, refresh, view refresh,obssess, wibble, crisps,chocolate, nails. This can't be healthy!
Lots of love and have a brill easter,

India said...

You really think so? First name terms? Oh knickers. There goes my chocolate...

Big, big hugs on the competition nerves, and you're right, the view, refresh, obsess, and wibble combo isn't good. Stick to the crisps and chocolate and you'll be much better off! (add wine too, for extra zen-like calm!)

Sending positive, successful vibes and lots of easter love...


Amanda Ashby said...

I want that egg, and when I say want I actually mean need. Like really, really need it.

Good luck with the easter break and writing combo. We've just taught M how to use the DVD player which has totally transformed my life (not that I let them watch DVDs all day, obviously, because that would be bad!!!!)

Natasha said...

No internet connection. Hmmmmmmm. I might have had a lightbulb moment!

Have a lovely Easter, our India. I wish you much chocolate and everything I wish for myself.

India said...

I think it all depends on the DVD Amanda. Obviously, The Exorcist = Bad, but Dr Zhivago in the original Russian = v educational, and about 3 hours long so Good. That's the way I see it, anyway.

Natasha, thanks for your lovely Easter wishes. Hmmmm... I'm guessing you'd go for Richard Armitage with his pockets stuffed with creme eggs, and I'm more than happy to have a share in that!! Hope you've had a nice weekend too. xxx

Donna Alward said...

Can I just say your sense of humour is SO great? And your assessment of Easter vs. Christmas is brilliant.