Tuesday, 15 September 2009

And the Winner is...

I’ve been so busy trying to get myself organized for my annual trip to London for the Mills & Boon Authors’ Lunch (and the associated glamorous revelry that goes on with it) that there hasn’t been a moment to announce that the winner of the Spanish Aristocrat Forced Bride competition is Lesley, with Johanna as a runner-up. Congratulations ladies, and I’ll get prizes in the post early next week on my return from the Big Smoke.

Once again this year Abby Green and I shall be setting up our Campaign Headquarters in a shared hotel room with a well-stocked mini bar. Over the next few days I am looking forward to…
  • Applying my butterfly mind (too easily distracted here by the internet, the laundry pile, the telephone, the writing on the back of the cereal packets) to my New Book for the entire length of the train journey and then boring Abby Green with the plot dilemmas.
  • Seeing Abby and Natalie Rivers and Christina Hollis and Michelle Styles and the Kates (Hardy and Walker) and Carole Mortimer and Sabrina Phillips and Sharon Kendrick and Penny Jordan and Chantelle Shaw and EVERYONE!
  • Having hotel-room biscuits in bed for breakfast. With a hangover.
  • Meeting my editor for afternoon tea tomorrow.
  • Not having to decide what’s for dinner
  • Wearing make-up and posh underwear (ie not faded, elastic-less or more than 5 years old)
  • Not having to get up in time for the school run
  • Coming home and hugging the daughters. And Him. Because no matter how much fun it is to go away, that’s always one of the best bits.

Back next week with a full report!


Rachel said...

Oh you are going to have sooo much fun! Make sure someone takes lots of pics, India!

Lots of love,


Kate Hewitt said...


I am so jealous!! I really wanted to be there, but we're going to a wedding this weekend instead. Next year for sure! Have an absolutely fantabulous time!!

xx Kate