Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Hell-o! I'm Back!

In every sense of the word. It’s amazing what a couple of days in London can do: like add two inches to your hips, kill off a few liver cells, melt your Visa card, remind you EXACTLY why writing for Mills & Boon is the coolest and best job on the planet and make your head virtually explode with new ideas. (Or was that just the hangover? Oh no… there really are pages of excited scribble, involving the words 'rampaging', 'taut', 'catastrophic' and 'walk of shame' in my notebook.)

The summer break is over, ladies. I’m back in business.

(Ahem... This dramatic, cinema-trailer-style revelation is intended to distract you all from the fact that once again I have failed to take a single photograph of my three days in London. Mostly because I failed to remember to take a camera with me. However, as compensation here is a picture of my new hero. Now, isn't he nice?)


Rachel said...


You are forgiven.



Michelle Styles said...

That's ok. I was even worse. remembered the camera and was far too busy talking to take photos. I also suspect because the cameras from the tv documentary were there, it seemed somehow unnecessary.
However I am happy to report that you looked as lovely and radiant as ever. And the world needs more India Grey's so this is good.

Trenda Plunkett said...

Ooh, me likey! ;-)

Glad you had fun in London!



Amanda Holly said...

Nice??? My grandmother is nice! This guy is hot, hot, hot! Can't wait to read all about him!

Joanne Cleary said...

I think I may be in love again. Or perhaps it's lust. He reminds me a bit of Rob lowe ... but hotter.

Jane said...

I just saw Rodrigo on TV over the weekend. They were showing 300.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't throw him out of bed for eating crisps. x Abby

India said...

Ah, I knew you'd all understand!