Friday, 23 October 2009

Is it Aliens, part of the recession or just my imagination?

But I have a theory that time is speeding up.

A week used to be a solid, reliable space of time in which you could fit in a trip to the supermarket, at least one conversation with your spouse, five bedtime stories to daughter #3 AND ten thousand words on the w-i-p. Now, five thousand words and half a page of Harry Potter and it's time to iron the uniforms for Monday morning again. There must be some scientific explanation for this because how else can it be half term ALREADY?

Anyway, we're going back to the Middle of Nowhere for a few days, where I shall single-handedly attempt to slow it all down again. Whatever you're doing this week, enjoy every minute!


Rachel said...

Dear India,

I know just what you mean about the time thing. Inset days, half term, halloween,shoebox appeals, Guy Fawkes, school productions, CHRISTMAS...oooer, panic beginning to set in here. Amidst the dust and neglected bottlebank pile.

Have a brilliant time away ( and plenty of hot choc and bacon butties of course)

Lots of love,


Brigitte said...

Yeah, agree with you completely!!
Same thing over here too.
School break starts tomorrow and as always, last week running up to hols is full of "electricity" in this household.
Daughter is tired, has a cold and has to sit all those exams in school to see if the wisdom dispensed there has been duly absorbed by my scatter brained child.
So as a good Mummy I sit there every evening to see if some information has indeed trickled down into her grey cells!!

But will enjoy every minute of next week as daughter and I will be hitting the shops in London - yay!

Enjoy your week away too.

India said...

Rachel-- you mentioned the C- word! Go and sit on the naughty step for 10 blissful, uninterrupted minutes before getting back to fashioning a vampire costume out of binbags, making your own mincemeat and trying to unearth the 4 shoeboxes you know you've put away somewhere for this very eventuality. Good luck!

'Electricity'- Brigitte, what a fantastic (and positive) way of describing it. Hope the tests went OK and have a LOVELY time in London! (Jealous!)

Kate Walker said...

Have a wonderful time India my dear. I do think the Middle of Nowhere is a wonderful place just as long as your editor can't contact you there

Hoe to see you soon



India said...

I have a suspicion that there won't even be a mobile phone signal there, never mind wi-fi Kate!

And we are SO getting together soon. We're owed!