Monday, 5 October 2009

I thought they were called Snickers now anyway?

My brother—my older brother-- ran the Loch Ness marathon yesterday. In 3 hours 48 minutes, after many months of rigorous and disciplined training.

From this I think we can deduce that chronic laziness is not genetic.

(Either that or I was swapped at birth.)


Michelle Styles said...

Many congrats to your brother.

It is so hard to break 4hours. So it is a real achievement.

Rachel said...

Dear India,

I'm totally in awe of your big bro'! Just looking at that picture makes me feel wheezy. And incredibly sloth like.

Will run up and down the stairs at least once to compensate.

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

hahahahahhahahahahahahahaha! Chronic laziness is all yours, you've no excuse now.
x A Smug Abby

India said...

Michelle, he was really hoping to beat the 4 hour target so he was very happy. I was also happy as I was really hoping he'd make it to the end without collapsing. (I remember that episode of Casualty all too well...)

Rachel, the email has already gone around from the wicked cousin who got him started on this, asking if any of us are interested in the Edinburgh marathon in the spring. You see? Swapped at birth, definitely. Somewhere my real family are sitting on the sofa with a nice big bar of Galaxy, I just know it.

Abby Green, when I next see you you're going to get your legs slapped for being so cheeky. (Although I'll have to catch you first...)

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

I'm impressed. I was asked to run in a Breast Cancer event but I know my limits, so I'll walk!

India, yes Daisy is a cheeky one but we love her just the same.

So now down to what's on my mind. India, I just finished Spanish Aristocrat, Forced Bride and I scared the dog early this am because I was sobbing! I absolutely adored it and you really need to enter it into a contest. It was amazing, emotional and just plain beautiful just like you! xxoo

When is it out in North America?

You need to get yourself on Facebook, it's a great way to promo your books and a nice way for me to assist you in promo.

PS: Do you have a behind the book story? If so, email me it please as I always think it makes the review more personal.

Getting ready for a Seattle Writer's Conference even though I'm not a writer, go figure. Will see Jennie Lucas, Jane Porter and Jenna Bayley-Burke and catch up. I usually donate my time and attend as a book reviewer and it's fascinating to attend the seminars.
In fact I'm donating one of your books Daisy's and Annie's for door prizes.

Jane said...

Congrats to your brother.

India said...

Marilyn, hats off to you for agreeing to do the Breast Cancer event. Who cares what pace you do it at, it's taking part that counts. Do you have a sponsorship page?

SO glad you enjoyed Tristan and Lily (when they finally reached you!) I've been trying to find out when it's coming out in the US, but so far am none the wiser, though its successor (Powerful Italian Penniless Housekeeper) is out in January. You've also reminded me that I need to do a behind the book story for this one and update my website!! Will get my lazy behind into gear... (I think that's the reason I'm staying away from Facebook-- I'd either become addicted within 5 minutes and not be able to prise myself off it or I'd keep forgetting to update it and say hello to people. Mind you, it would probably be a good way of keeping tabs on my daughter. My brothers all know a good deal more about what she gets up to than I do, thanks to Facebook!)

Have a fantastic time in Seattle Marilyn and give my love to the girls!

Jane-- thanks, I'll pass it on! (He'll be getting a big head from all this attention...)