Thursday, 4 February 2010

Excuse me, but why did no-one tell me...

About Shahrukh Khan??

I don't usually get my hot hero alerts via the News at Ten, but that's exactly where I saw this man last night, promoting his new film My Name is Khan. I'm booking my ticket and buying my popcorn now.

And while we're on the subject of inspiring viewing, I hope all you UK viewers are remembering that tonight is Secret Diary of a James D’Arcy Fangirl. Research gold.

(Ooh, and I've also got to mention that my new mac computer is being very erratic about emailing. I think it's part of its master plan to gradually take control of my life - starting by cutting my channels of communication with the outside world. If you've been expecting to hear from me and haven't, that's why; I'm being held hostage by a despotic machine. Help!)


Rachel said...

Now he's interesting...

Must tell you now before I forget, every time I put India Grey into my search engine the first thing that comes up is:


Always makes me giggle--any secret plans for an exotic hero of your own?

Ta for the call girl alert. Typical isn't it? You get to sneak out of the house after dark three times a year max and when you actually pull it off there's something worth watching on the box! I have asked Him to record it for me though--no objections strangely enough...


India said...

Rach, I think your search results are based on your browsing history, so you must stop looking at internet dating sites!

Hope you recorded Secret Diary - was a cracking episode (*sigh*) but I know it was worth missing it for your exciting Thursday night.

And did you see Jonathan Woss on Friday night? Who should appear but lovely Shahrukh himself! Sexy and intelligent and funny - it just gets better!

(Goodman - I'm so frustrated not to have any idea what that means! Have put it into a translation site and am still not much the wiser, but it sounds very intriguing...)