Tuesday, 9 February 2010

If only...

...I was as well-travelled as my books, because just look where Orlando and Rachel have got to! This is my first Japanese translation, so we were all pretty excited when the postman delivered a couple of copies yesterday. The children were utterly confused by the fact that, to us, it's written backwards. ('That means people will know the ending first' commented Daughter #3 in deep bewilderment.)

In other news, had a lovely time at a workshop in Stoke on Trent library on Saturday. I say 'workshop' as that’s what it was billed as, but not a lot of work went on because we were way too busy talking. It’s an unexpected perk of the job to be able to get out and meet people who share their stories and their ideas, and if anyone from the group is reading this I’d like to say a great big thank you for an inspiring afternoon (and sorry about the Lost Workshop. Hope the printed sheets make sense!)

Actually, anything at all that gets me out of the house (and away from The Book That Will Not Work) is very welcome at the moment. Was thinking wistfully about this time last year, when some sparkle was added to the iron-grey wasteland of January and February by the rugby series launch party and the RNA awards lunch. Haven’t had a proper lipstick and mascara excuse for weeks and can feel the excess Christmas poundage solidifying as the streaks of grey in my hair widen and are matched by my skin tone. At the moment the only glamorous event on the horizon for me is a glittering scene set in Monte Carlo casino in The Book That Will Not Work - if I only I can keep going long enough to get there.

So, what about everyone else? Have you been up to anything lovely that I need to know about? (And has anyone got a ticket for the Oscars or a villa in the south of France going spare?)


Rachel said...

It's just as dull and grim here I'm afraid. Can't even work up enthusiasm for imaginary champagne--too bloomin' cold!

Cheese omelette and pickled beetroot for lunch did very little on the escapism front, so I'm going to try turning the heating on (and UP) with a smattering of bouzouki music for a touch of Greek inspiration.Will let you know if it works. (Must however remember to cover my tracks and turn the heating down again before YouKnowWho comes home).

Your Japanese translation is so pretty!

Keep scribbling,

Lots of love,


Brigitte said...

Have been slaving away in the kitchen all morning - cooking.
And yes, have been using the oven as well to make a Flan for when everyone comes home later in the afternoon.

Prepared food will tide me over more or less the rest of the week, so will just have to add little bits here and there.

Sooo that leaves me with lots of free time to indulge in my favourite activity....reading.

Have to add that it has been snowing all morning so it's nice to hide in a warm kitchen.

Michelle Styles said...

Have just discovered that my trip to Egypt next months means SHOTS!!!
Why is it they never tell you about the shots in books?

Finish TBTWNW and then let your editor see it, she will probably pin point exactly why it does not work and it will be a simple fix. Think positively.
Think healing Emotional Wounds.
Think Filling the Hole in the Soul.
Think Coming to terms with the Feminine Part of the Heroine's personality and her understanding of both parts of her.
Think Michelle has been reading far too much craft again and ignore me but finish the book.

Sally Clements said...

Trying to picture you with inch wide grey streaks and matching face but failing miserably. This time of year not even music or movies transport me to foreign climes, I think we need a holiday!

India said...

Rach, just make sure you don't get completely carried away with the music and the newly-temperate climate and open some ouzo. Before you know it you'll have booked a fortnight in Zante on your credit card and it won't just be the heating you'll have to explain at 6pm...

Brigitte, do you want to do a lifeswap? I can very clearly, and wistfully picture you in your warm Parisian kitchen, surrounded by the scent of baking with the snow coming down outside. And then curled up with a book... (*sigh*) You have definitely inspired me. (And I got your lovely email and will reply today!)

Ah, Michelle - I DID mention the shots in my last book (the Balfour one) solely because you pointed it out to me!! I suppose it stands to reason that Egypt would need them, but somehow you don't think of that when you're looking at the beautiful pictures in the brochure.

I have had a mini-breakthrough on TBTWNW and was able to go down your list feeling tentatively positive. I love your advice. Email still seemingly being erratic, but will try again today from laptop which seems to work...

Sally, I'm glad you can't picture it - it ain't pretty!! Holiday is definitely the answer (though not booked on impulse after daytime drinking) Do you have anything planned? I spent yesterday arranging with a friend for both our families to spend 2 days at Legoland Windsor, but feel that doesn’t really qualify on any level. Must do better!

オテモヤン said...
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