Wednesday, 5 May 2010

OK, would you now please...

... kiss the person nearest to you, in celebration of the fact that the book is finished.

Thank you.

Sorry for being so elusive these past couple of weeks. Back tomorrow - with photos - to tell you what else I've been up to, around the all-night, chocolate and caffeine fuelled sessions at the keyboard, and to catch up on everything else. (Including the lovely news that I'm a Beautiful Blogger! Thanks so much, Francine, but do you want to take it back now in view of my pitiful no-show recently?!)


Rachel said...

Yikes, you're back!

Hurrah and hallelujah for finishing the book!

I think this could be a good excuse for putting the Sainsbury's vintage cava on ice, my darling.

Well done you!

Lots of love,


Michelle Styles said...

I knew you could do it!!!!

Kate Walker said...

Fantastic news, India - isn't it a wonderful feeling to get the book off your desk and on to your editor's? Fingers crossed that she loves it - she will!

Kate (whose word verification is - believe it or not tartedup! Are you trying to tell me something?)

Francine said...


Beautiful books!
Beautiful blogger!
Beautiful Blogger Award: most apt.
Too much blogging = less good writing on what really matters: latest WIP!


Kate Hewitt said...

Oh, congratulations, India! What wonderful news. Big sigh of relief for you, I'm sure!!!

Jane said...

Congrats, India.

Kate Hardy said...

Well done, India - yay!

(Interestingly, my wordver is whookof - ie whoooooo, she's finished the book! Kof, remember to breathe BEFORE you do the snoopy dancing...)

India said...

THANK YOU EVERYONE!! (Hope you all did the kissing thing...?)

Rachel, I'm having a bit of a Prosecco moment just now, so have been indulging freely since I got the OK on the finished ms. (Not freely as in at breakfast time or anything, of course...)

Michelle - thank you! Your regular emails telling me I could do it helped enormously and I'm so grateful for your constant cheering from the sidelines. And for the fabulous Manuscript Makeover book. There were a lot of times when I wasn't sure I would make it, or that I even wanted to!

Kate, there's nothing like it. It's almost (but not quite) worth the anguish of the weeks before. Luckily my (our!) editor does like it so I'm feeling a bit more positive, but still glad to be starting something else!

Francine, you've absolutely hit the nail on the head. I've been staying completely away from the internet because as someone who was in the wrong queue when willpower was being given out I know how it sucks up time. But I will do what it takes to deserve my title, I promise!

Kate - huge sigh. And cheer. And weep. (Must lay off the prosecco...)

Jane - hello and thank you!!

Kate, having done several hours of ceilidh dancing on Saturday night I'm pretty much ready for the next stage of celebrating, which I think is lying on the sofa watching films! But breathing normally, instead of in a way that makes carrying a brown paper bag in my handbag a sensible move, is going to be good.

(I think Whookof sounds like a slightly risque abbreviation for the kind of things I've been saying in the past coulple of weeks about what I'm going to do when I get this book off.)