Monday, 21 June 2010

The Colours of Summer

Pink bowl + pale green beans (+ glass of rosé) = happy me


Francine said...


Yummy pic, but one can't make jam with beans! As for wine - our grapes are looking good this year.

I've been meaning to post pic of strawberries straight from the garden = loads of jam made this year! Here in Pembs we haven't seen rain (proper rain) in months, more like living on island in the Eastern Med. We're so lucky - sea on three sides of the county.

Would loved to have made it up to Cheshire for your talk. Sounds like you had a great time.


India said...

(wistful sigh) Ooh, Pembrokeshire is so beautiful...

The beans were to make this

If you haven't tried it you absolutely have to. It's heaven on a plate on a hot day, and so good for you you'd have to have several scones smothered with strawberry jam to make up for it afterwards!

Wish you could have come to the talk too. Would have been lovely to meet you.