Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Less than 12 hours to go of my thirties. Am torn between the urge to raid my daughter's wardrobe, book myself some botox, put the Bacardi Breezers on ice and go out and grab a toyboy, or go shopping for sensible shoes and supportive undergarments and join a Bridge club.

Will probably just finish sorting out the cupboard under the stairs instead. Denial always such a comfort at times like this.


Rachel said...

Not The Cupboard Under The Stairs!

This sounds serious, India.

I prescribe SOPHISTICATED alcohol only (nothing that comes in a stubby, garish bottle). And crisps as I'm not sure if sophisticated older women are allowed those.

Could be the last chance to wear those white PVC platform wedges and sparkly eyelashes as well...

Only kidding!

Lots of love,

XXX p.s No blocking up the letterbox, you!

Anonymous said...

For my 40th a few years ago [coughs and looks away]I climbed a volcano on Reunion. Some birthdays need to played out LARGE!
With cake. You need cake.
And lots of bling LOL
Have a wonderful time. x

Francine said...


Just enjoy!

Have a great day and pop a cork or two in wicked and naughty way!


Jane said...

All you need is some champagne and food.

Lacey Devlin said...

Ooo go climb a volcano! Now that's a celebration! I love it! You could probably wear the platform wedges and sparkly eyelashes and drink champagne while you did it to make it a bit of a challenge ;)

No cupboards!

Kate Hewitt said...

Happy Birthday, India! Celebrate in style--and that does not involve cleaning, cupboards, or supportive undergarments of any kind :)

Amanda Holly said...

Errrmmm wake up India! Didn't you know the 40's is the new 30's? Where in the 30's you still had self confidence issues in your 40's they go straight out the window! You haven't got time for that anymore - life is here to be enjoyed!

There's nothing more sexy than a woman who's comfortable in her own skin. Grrr you go tiger! LOL!

Welcome to the "in my 40's and proud of it club"! :-)

Paulina said...

Happy Birthday! Go out and shop for some insensible shoes. ;)

Kate Hardy said...

Have a lovely, lovely day. And you do know that 40 is the new 30, right?

India said...

Ahh - now, I should have known you ladies would turn this thing around!

Thanks so much to everyone for dropping by. Champagne definitely seems to be the way to go, and luckily a few bottles had appeared in the fridge last night (peeking out from between yellowing leeks and bags of pea shoots from last week's vegbox like David Bellamy in the jungle). Not sure I'm going to be able to manage the volcano though Nina! (though Lacey's idea makes me want to try...)

Amanda, I love that and do you know, you're absolutely right. The last ten years have been a steep climb over some rough terrain but I do feel like I've got to the part where I can enjoy the scenery now. (If I don't drink too much champagne and fall over the precipice...)

Thanks for the good wishes and the positive vibes and wicked influence girls - you rock!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday, India!

Drink something cold and bubbly.
Wear silk next to your skin.
Eat Marks & Spencer birthday cake.
Enjoy your many achievements.

Sharon xx

Jackie Ashenden said...

India, I got here from Michelle S's blog and I had to post as I've got my 'significant birthday' on Saturday. I'm sure it's not as bad as everyone makes out. ;-) Better not be!
BTW, I loved your last book.

Nell Dixon said...

Happy Birthday!

Donna Alward said...

Sharon had the best advice ever (as usual, and in very Sharon style)! Happy Birthday love!

I think there is something sexy about the 40's, personally. The 40's are confident. Besides, you're gorgeous - inside and out.

I ban all supportive undergarments and cheap liquor. This requires champagne or good vodka, dark chocolate and perhaps custard, because everything is better with custard.

Have a lovely day, sweets.

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday India - hope you have a great day! Caroline x

Suzanne Jones said...

Belated Happy Birthday.

Brigitte said...

Gosh India, it was your Birthday and I missed it!! I was off the net for TWO days becasuse my ADSL box died on me. All fixed now, fortunately.

Sooo, I hope you had some good champers to celebrate with DH and that you didn't do ANY cleaning. As a matter of fact if I had known earlier I would have forbidden it downright.
Did you go celebrate in a restaurant? At least that way you wouldn't have to cook.

When I last had a fat zero in my birthday, DH swept me off to Venice... without the kids.
Now, that's something to ponder, isn't it?

Lots of hugs and...carpe diem.

India said...

Making a fly-by visit to say a quick but very heartfelt thanks millions for all your good wishes. Had a lovely day yesterday and am now frantically throwing things together to go away first thing in the morning. Sorry to be so brief but big thanks to you all - to Rach, and Nina and Francine and Jane and Lacey and Kate and Amanda and Paulina and Kate and Sharon and Jackie(HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY!)and Nell and Donna and Caroline and Suzanne and Brigitte - for taking the trouble to stop by and say hi. I might be struggling to get to grips with twitter, but I wouldn't be without the blogosphere!

Will be back on Tuesday with details of the Big Birthday Weekend... xx

Denise said...

Happy Belated Birthday, India!!! Hope the birthday weekend is amazing!!! =)