Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I think we'll call this Irony

Yesterday was Sports Day at both Big and Little schools. Daughters 1&3 were both taking part - at Big school it’s optional and since Daughter #2 shares my deep apathy when it comes to competitive physical exertion she certainly wasn't going to be putting herself forward for the house long jump.

So how come she was the one I ended up sitting with in A&E for FIVE HOURS yesterday? And is she the only person to manage to break her arm watching sports day?


Rachel said...

Oh no, that's terrible! Poor daughter and poor you--I hope she's not in too much pain.

Not sure if I will tell my own daughter about this though, it will lend even more weight to her pleadings for a sick note on Friday. She does NOT want to take part in the dreaded sports day and is currently praying for rain.

(So am I actually.)

Lots of hugs and get well wishes,


Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, India - hope she's doing OK and hope your stress levels are down to "I must eat chocolate now" levels.

Donna Alward said...

Oh hugs on kidlet and hugs to Mom!

And in this neck of the woods, it seems so odd to hear about kids being IN SCHOOL!

Catherine J said...

Sorry to hear about your trip to A&E. Hope your daughter is okay. (Not the kind of irony you need).

Suzanne Jones said...

Oh dear, poor thing - just in time for the long summer holidays, too.

Anonymous said...

One of the happiest experiences of my childhood was breaking my arm the week before our (compulsory) sports day so that I didn't have to take part.

India said...

Thanks for all the hugs! (Hmmm...doesn't seem long since I was saying that about all your lovely good luck wishes when she had flu. Oh yes, that's because it was only last week. Is this child part of the Campaign To Stop Mum Writing?)

A quick glance at the weather forecast tells me your daughter might be in luck, Rach. Friday has a lovely big, black cloud over it. And 3 drops of rain. Hardly worth digging the shorts out really.

Oh Kate - they hit the 'I must eat chocolate now' level, and plateaued a bit, then soared to 'I must eat more chocolate - quite a lot, in fact, in the next 2 seconds or things get messy' soon after. They are currently hovering around 'I must write my book' but that in itself sends the needle creeping up again. It's a vicious circle!

Donna, mine actually break up early by English standards! When do yours go back?

Catherine, they've recently done a great big refurbishment on our local hospital, and yet they still haven't managed to put in a vending machine that actually works in the A&E department. After 5 hours I was ready to start gnawing on the new green (hideously uncomfortable) chairs. I might suggest daughter #1 earns some holiday cash by standing outside with a supermarket trolley full of Mars Bars. She'd be able to retire by the time school went back!

That was what I was fed up about Suzanne. In two weeks we're going camping in France, and that wearying showerblock routine of trying to wash your hair in under two minutes before the hot water runs out while keeping your towel from trailing in the greasy puddles on the floor is going to be complicated further. (Can you tell how much I'm looking forward to it?!) Luckily Daughter #2 isn't the kind of girl who wants to be out playing tennis and swimming every day, so nothing will change there. But I think she might try to claim some kind of immunity from emptying the dishwasher etc. (It's not happening!)

mrr (Ros? Is that you?) I totally like your style. I'd have done exactly that myself if I'd only a) been brave enough to do it and b) been clever enough to think of it in the first place. High five!

Lacey Devlin said...

That takes some serious talent. Perhaps even watching sports is dangerous and all children should stay home? I know I would have preferred that. I hope D2 gets well soon!

Denise said...

Oh no!! Isn't she the one who just had the flu? Hope she's doing okay!

ros said...

Yup, that's me, sorry! I signed in using my Wordpress ID instead of Google and for some reason it didn't like my name. :(

Sharon said...

But HOW did she break it, India - or have I missed that bit? x

India said...

I think that's something Health and Safety should definitely look at Lacey. I'd encourage a total ban on all sports. And sportswear. (Oh yes, that's not dangerous - just horrid. Oops!)

Denise - she is! I think she might have joined some kind of campaign movement against working mothers, and be sabotaging from within.

Hi ros! Fab to see you here - thanks for dropping by!

Well Sharon, you didn't miss it exactly. I didn't mention it because it's not very glamorous to admit that her friend tripped over some school bags on the floor (health and safety issue) and fell on top of Daughter #2 (who was in front of her) and landed on her wrist. I'm telling her to say she did it white-water rafting.