Tuesday, 13 July 2010


...and at long last my website has been updated.

It’s been such a long time coming because my web-slave is a very good friend who has been going through the mill with family issues, so any time we have spent together in the last six or seven months has been more about wine and sympathy than brisk professionalism (always a stretch for me.) Anyway, after a couple of evenings, a Thai takeaway, several tubes of Pringles and several more cans of whatever lager it was that the supermarket were trying to get rid of after England's dismal exit from the World Cup… my husband and he have nailed it. (I think. I'll send chocolate to anyone who spots any mistakes!) Watch out for info on the Balfour book coming soon…

(Although I’m beginning to think I imagined ever writing the Balfour book. Still no sign of author copies yet, and no word on their whereabouts. Will keep sleuthing…)


Rachel said...

Dear India,

it looks lovely and sparkly and up to date to me (I even put the specs on to make quite sure). What wonderful, clever men! And a THAI takeaway...now that is really, really dead posh!

Lots of love,


Morton S Gray said...

I really fancied some chocolate, but can't find anything wrong with it on first read! Looks great.

How do you keep on track with the writing managing your family too?

Morton x

Catherine J said...

I've been lurking today, and have read intriguing things about scandal and scorching romance in the Balfour books on iheartpresents. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful cover on the book shelves in the shops! (I shan't be expecting any chocolate in the post!)

Catherine x

India said...

I know! Thai! In farming Cheshire! There'll be a sushi bar opening next to the post office before you know it. (Or probably taking the place of the post office, the way things are going.)

Morton, I absolutely don't! That's partly why I still haven't got the Balfour book info on the website. However, I have a cunning plan for the summer holidays which I'll share sometime in the next few days...

Apparently my Balfour book is a September release rather than an August one Catherine (silly me) so it's not out as soon as I thought! I'm looking forward to seeing it on the shelves too, and shall probably embarrass the children by lurking in WHSmith with my camera.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

I'm going to pop over right now and check it out. I've missed you.
Over at Romantic Times and on EHarlequin I've posted about the Balfours, can't wait for this series. Loving the covers!

World Cup drove me crazy!