Monday, 6 September 2010

Eeek! Exciting!

At last the day has come when the New Voices competition is up and running, with a very glamorous and gorgeous website, just waiting to be filled with glamorous and gorgeous first chapters. If you have one tucked away inside your computer, now's the time to expose it to daylight, print it out (because mistakes are always a million times more noticeable on paper for some reason), give it a polish and then get it posted. What have you got to lose?

On the same subject, this Thursday sees my contribution to the search for Mills & Boon’s next signing with a special library event in which you can (hopefully) find out the highs, lows, facts, figures, dos and don’ts you need to know about writing for the world’s best-loved romance publisher. The cupcakes are ordered, the library ladies are prepared, and there are even a couple of spaces left (At least there were on Friday – you can check by phoning Nantwich library 01270 375361. But don’t put it off, in the manner of uber-procrastinator me, because they were down to the last few tickets!)

If you’re coming to the event from out of the area and don’t know your way around do drop me an email (via website mailbox) and I’ll get back to you with Useful Info. (How hard it can be to find your way around a town the size of the average B&Q superstore I don't know. But email me anyway!)


ros said...

I am SO EXCITED about Thursday, I can't tell you. Though secretly I was hoping that no one else would sign up so that I could have you all to myself. I am going to be the gibbering fangirl in the back, by the way, too terrified to say hello.

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Cupcakes AND a goddess of romance?

Sigh, wish I lived a bit nearer and I could make the tea or something.

I know you'll be marvellous, India and an inspiration to all who attend--the lucky blighters.

Good luck to all the New Voices!

Lots of love,


Lacey Devlin said...

It is so exciting! Suddenly I want a cupcake...

India said...

Get away with you Ros. Can't wait to meet you (though am thinking cupcakes might be a bad idea after all, since I might be so busy scoffing I forget the talk...)

Ah Rach - I wish you lived nearer too (but mostly for evenings at the pub. Is that wrong?) How are the r*******s going?

Lacey - I'd offer to send you one, but I'm not sure it would travel well to Australia! Will thinking of you as we eat them be OK?

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Nothing wrong with evenings in the pub, India. Especially as I only get let out to do it about thrice a year!

R********S going well (I think).Doing the sex scenes now children are safely back and not peering over my shoulder.

And am being very disciplined!Have not Twitted today and am blog surfing in my lunch half hour. Impressed? You should be--I have a stiff bum and no mistake.

Hope production is immense with you, my darling.

Lots of love,


Lacey Devlin said...

Haha! It would certainly be interesting to open that box. I'm guessing it'll look something like what happens when a two year old squeezes cake through their fingers... Delicious ;-)

Catherine J said...

Wishing I wasn't missing out on the cupcake opportunity. (And all the gen on New Voices, of course!)

I was hoping to snap up one of those last minute golden tickets; but I've got a school run glitch.

I'll be thinking of you all scoffing cupcakes ...

Trenda Plunkett said...

*deep breath* I did it, India! I entered the New Voices competition! Last night, actually...I was cutting it a wee bit close. In the end, I chose to submit a newly begun paranormal, rather than the new Presents-type book I can't seem to get off the ground.

Last time I checked, they were up to nearly 600 entries. Wow! The lovely editors at M&B are brave indeed!

Hope you and yours are doing splendidly.

Bright Blessings,