Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Getting Away With It

Thanks to everyone who emailed for my spare copy of Julie Cohen's wonderful book. The winner is Catherine J, so as soon as I can bear to tear myself away from revisions and get down to the post office it'll be on its way to her. (That'll be this afternoon then.)

Actually, following a long phonecall with my editor yesterday, I'm feeling much more positive about the revisions and the book in general. It's been a very different experience writing this one as it's the second book in a two-part continuity, featuring the same hero and heroine, so the usual challenges of building a story have been complicated a little by the need to link the books, but make each one stand alone. I loved doing it, but writing the end of the second book has been really difficult. Probably twice as difficult as normal in fact, as it had to provide a sense of resolution to two stories. It's requiring an awful lot of Toblerone - so much, in fact that I even felt I needed to mention it in the book. Hope it gets past the copy-editor.

Better get on with it. (The book, not the Toblerone.)



Morton S Gray said...

I write on Maltesers, well while fuelled by Maltesers! It is akin to being pregnant really - my first son was made of lentil soup and treacle tart, my second out of mini beetroot. My novels are definitely made of chocolate (maybe I'd better try a certain publisher). Mx

ros said...

Hooray for helpful editors and Toblerone. Especially Toblerone!

Bluestocking Mum said...

Maltesers, toblerone, whatever it takes...keep going, keep active... keep writing.

Glad you're feeling more upbeat.

India said...

SORRY to have ignored you, and the poor blog, ladies!

Morton, I was like that when I was pregnant too - my children are made out of mashed potato, kiwi fruit and coca cola respectively. I also find I do have a different chocolate of choice for each book, and about 3lbs in weight to show for it. Just like babies.

Thanks Ros and Brigitte - I'm back in the land of real people now! (Does that mean I have to start eating fruit again?)

India said...

Gahh - back in the land of real people I may be, but clearly not able to get their names right! Sorry Bluestocking mum!! xxx