Thursday, 28 April 2011

This calls for a celebration

So, revisions are in (thank goodness for easter chocolate) the bunting is up and the children have been put to work making Union Jack paperchains. Royal Wedding excitement is mounting here by the second.

Call me shallow, but I'm so not interested in the political arguments about elitism and shameless extravagance. It's the wanton romance and emotion of the whole event that I'm excited about. And the outfits... and the excuse to drink champagne in the morning and eat cake all day*. In fact, it's a bit like being at your own wedding without the crushing feeling that you should have started dieting sooner.

So, are you in the mood to celebrate too or are you just going to take advantage of the day off and the fact that she shops will be empty and avoid it all?

(*I'm also a surprisingly excited about the opportunity to gawp at Harry all day. Am I the only one who's finding him oddly inspiring at the moment, in all sorts of ways?)


Kristy Price said...

We're having a street party tomorrow, organised by our lovely neighbours. The kids are really looking forward to it, although I think it's the promise of cake that's got them most excited :)

It should be great because we'll finally get to meet the rest of the street. That's the very best thing about it - it proves that community spirit is alive and well (in Bristol at least.)

My husband's pretty disparaging about the whole Royal Wedding thing, but I have to admit, I'm really quite looking forward to watching in the ceremony on TV.

Enjoy your day!
Kristy x

Lacey Devlin said...

I'll be gawping at Harry too =)

I think he'd be a blast as king!

ros said...

Love your bunting! Did you see that there is a national bunting shortage? Apparently people have been fighting over it in Tescos and ripping down the shop's own decorations.

I will be up at 8am so as not to miss a moment! Mostly I'm interested in seeing what everyone is wearing, especially Kate, of course. In the afternoon I'm going to a Royal Wedding Tea Party at which there will be a Best Hat competition. Feel I need a tiara.

ros said...

Oh, and I'm not a massive fan of Harry but I'd be very happy if he inspired some red-headed heroes.

Brigitte said...

I'll be definitely watching the ceremony on TV this morning. Hubby has been rolling his something he would do. NOT!!

Love all the lovely frocks the guests are bound to be wearing; And the hats. Some are really pretty and inventive; especially love the explosions-of-feathers type hats, if you could call them that. Nothing I could be seen wearing in the metro!

So India, don't even THINK of calling me on the phone!!

Have a lovely morning ogling Harry...will be thinking of you when he comes onscreen.

India said...

What are husbands like?! I've just about got mine galvanised into action, but that was by promising to buy posh British beer. I'm very excited about your street party Kristy - it sounds lovely, and it's such a fab way to get to know your neighbours. Enjoy the cake and send pics!

Lacey I'm so glad you don't think I'm mad over the Harry thing. There's something about him... not the red hair necessarily, but the wickedness, the paternity conflict that must hurt behind the scenes, the raunchy girlfriend. Hero gold.

Oooh - I didn't know that about the bunting shortage Ros! Bought mine ages ago, such was my excitement, but the paperchains were only completed last night. The tea party sounds brilliant - I think that's kind of what I'm loving about it. The whole event feels a bit like VE day, but with real eggs not powdered ones, and not so much heartache to take the shine off the celebrations. Enjoy the tea party!

Brigitte, I'm so glad you'll be watching! After I put the blog post up I took the daughters shopping in Chester and was thinking on the way that I should have asked specifically whether people not in the UK are interested in this whole circus. I'm really pleased that you're excited too. People are starting to arrive already and there are some fabulous hats...

Better go and get back to my viewing. Oh, and also have a shower since we have friends arriving soon...

Donna Alward said...

1) You are not alone with the Harry thing. My dh says it's because he's a bad boy. He's probably right. It's the wicked grin. And I have a thing for gingers, so there. When he looked back at Kate, grinned, and whispered to William, I sighed.

2) my husband actually sat down and watched the ceremony, along with me, our 2 daughters, the dog and the cat. It was a very full room. He's kooky like that. It was nice. Of course he was completely mesmerized by Pippa and loves Kate (he loves that girl-next-door look). Plus he got to make fun of hats. Do you know that I didn't know what a "fascinator" was? By looking at some of those head contraptions, fascinating is one way of putting it...

Champagne and cake - yes please! Have some for me. Loved your comment about like your own wedding but without the pre-nuptual dieting!

Joanne Coles said...

Heh, I just left a similar comment over on the Minxes site :-)

And I've just read Donna's comment and realised that was the part I picked out of the wedding that I loved. I think he's so attractive because he really seems so comfortable in his own skin and I think that's incredibly attractive.

*sigh* I've loved today, it's been amazing :-)

India said...

Donna, in the end the boys here were as glued to it as the girls - and that included teenagers (Pippa Middleton in that dress might have been instrumental in this) so that there were 11 of us crowded around our shamefully retro non-plasma-wide-screen TV. Fascinators seem to have given way to a fashion for tiny hats glued comically onto the middle of the forehead (Yes Mrs Sulky Beckham, I'm talking about you) which I can't see catching on.

Joanne, you're absolutely right. He's relaxed and funny and, in spite of the enormity of the occasion was completely at ease. Verrry sexy - just the kind of qualities we try to convey in our heroes but don't very often see in real life to that degree.

Agree. Amazing day. Unexpected emotional high. Who'd have thought?