Friday, 20 January 2012

Rich Rewards

I don't need to tell you, dear blog readers, how long I've been stalking an active appreciator of James D'Arcy. So, let's just say that the plentiful PR coverage his new film is attracting is doing an excellent job of staving off the January blues. Here's the trailer. 


Abby Green said...

Wish I was still in Nantwich so we could go together, WAH! x

Jane said...

I saw him on Graham Norton's show along with his costar and Madonna.

wannabe a writer said...

Hi India

This looks like a must-see thanks for showing this clip.

What did you think of Birdsong?


India said...

Believe it or not Abby, it's not blooming well on locally! Obviously I have to see it, so I'm just wondering how far I'm going to have to travel. Might as well come to Dublin and we can see it together there!

Jane, he was great wasn't he? I love how he sails perilously close to being slightly rude to Madge.

Looks good, doesn't it Linda? The score is also fabulous - am going to have to download once it appears on itunes.

I actually liked Birdsong very much. It's been too long since I read the book, but I thought the adaptation was beautifully shot and convincing in a way Downton didn't quite manage. Looking forward to the second part. What did you think?

wannabe a writer said...

I thought it was good too - a little slow in places but it handled the trenches much better than Downton. Looking forward to Sunday. Am loving Call the Midwife too.