Thursday, 10 January 2008


Forgot to mention that I now have another book out! The Italian's Captive Virgin was officially released this week, and features a blond Italian hero and a pole-dancing, aristocratic heroine. (Feel I have to mention this in case anyone glances at the cover and falls into the trap of thinking it's about a middle-aged bloke in a beige polyester shirt and a dinner lady with a boob job....)


Anonymous said...

Dear India,

Could it be,that long long ago, back in the mists of time, someone at HMB invented the phrase 'you can't judge a book by its cover'?.

It's fabulous though because it is soooo far removed from the story inside that it makes me smirk every time I see it! Iheartpresents were asking for comments on covers a few days ago-tempting...

Loved the book though, so keep up the good work- we need more!

Ray-Anne said...

'a blond Italian hero and a pole-dancing, aristocratic heroine'-
what's not to love?
Have to look out for it.
ROFL Ray-Anne

Amanda Ashby said...

Hurrah!!!!! Can't wait until it makes it way to the southern hemisphere!!!!

Kate Hewitt said...

LOL on your comments about the cover. It's amazing how they can get it wrong sometimes.

Still, the story inside sounds intriguing and I'm looking forward to it coming to the US!


Eva said...

Wow! Yes, how long will we have to wait over here in North America?

Michelle Styles said...

And I can confidently say that it is wonderful.Well worth searching out. I had to prised it from my dautghter's hands. It has been well read several times already.
The cover does not do it justice. It is the content that is brill!

Ray-Anne said...

Clearly you are not alone -

Got to love a trasvestite dolphin.


India said...

Rachel, you've gone all mysterious and anonymous on us! Take off your dark glasses and false moustache immediately! It's true about the cover thing though, and yet so many of us do, but thank you for being so nice about the book!

Thanks for your link Ray-Anne! I read the post which made me laugh out loud in sort of painful recognition, but the picture didn't download so I can only picture the transvestite dolphin!! (I'm not sure that this isn't actually more fun...)

No idea when it's going down under Amanda, but for Kate and Eva the release date in the US is October. It's ages away!

Michelle, thanks so much for saying that, and for taking precious deadline time to read it!!