Tuesday, 15 January 2008

January Blues

Usually I kind of like January, and the clean-slate, pared-back austerity and sense of great purpose that follows in the wake of the Christmas chaos. But this year I can’t quite hit my stride. I want to cuddle up on the sofa with my children and watch soppy films, and ward off the cold world outside with treacle tart and custard. Must be my biorhythms. Whatever they are. Maybe I need a week in a health spa.

(Or maybe I just need a smacked bottom and a stern talking-to.)

Anyway, the one thing that’s cheered me greatly this week is a lovely review of The Italian's Captive Virgin over at Cataromance. Julie gave it 4.5 stars and said

With the release of her second novel for Mills and Boon Modern Romance, The Italian’s Captive Virgin, India Grey further establishes herself as a writer of amazing talent and extraordinary scope. Sensual, exotic and enthralling, The Italian’s Captive Virgin, is a captivating romantic read by a writer who is set to become one of the imprint’s most popular writers!

Thanks so much Julie. I think you just saved me about 700 calories worth of chocolate and half a box of tissues.


Rachel said...

There India, you SEE! It's all worth it and your writing is amazing. Congrats on the review--it will be the first of many I'm sure.
January is utterly hideous here too--my garage roof has just collapsed and we're due to get a weeks worth of rain in one day-Ha! Have poked a distress note through a neighbouring builder's door. The lippy is on but it's going to cost!
Best(damp) wishes,

India said...

Right-- Rachel, that's it. Get round here at once with a selection of your girliest DVDs, some thick socks (our house is COLD today) and a giant sized Toblerone. It's the only answer to a structural crisis like this.

(Hope nothing too vital was in the garage when the roof collapsed, like the car, or Himself....? You would have mentioned that, though-- wouldn't you??)

Rachel said...

Dear India,
Fortunately Himself was very safely tucked away in Accounts, although he has been home to assess the damage(structural and likely wallet-impact).

As for the contents-ahem-well the outdoor equivalent of the dining room I'm afraid: garden tools, unused breadmaker, boxes of my 'rubbish'(I call it vintage bric a brac), plastic garden toys, rabbit box and some knackered stained glass windows...I'm a terrible hoarder aren't I?

This is probably a 'sign' to sort my messy self out but the toblerone sounds much nicer..and could we watch something with Daniel in it?
Lots of love,

Kate Hewitt said...

Congratulations, India! Fantastic. I hear you about wanting to curl up with a movie or book--we just received a foot of slushy snow and I don't feel like doing much of anything. Alas, my children disagree with me.


Eva said...

Well done, India!

Amanda Ashby said...

Hooray!!!!! That is a seriously kick arse review. And honestly just ignore all that rotten weather and pretend it's hot and lovely just like over here (mwhahahaha!!!!)

India said...

So glad that Himself is safe, Rach. Accounts definitely the best place for husbands, leaving us free to consider the cinematic merits of Daniel covered in Tomato Ketchup.

Kate, snow sounds infinitely better than the constant grey drizzle we've had for weeks here (though I guess Eva, having seen enough of the stuff in Canada to last several lifetimes here, might disagree?!)

Anyway, I must stop whining, as I'm beginning to get on my own nerves now. Think instead that I should pack my bags and go and stay with Amanda for about 3 months of sun, beer and fun.

(Can't help thinking that writing should feature in there too, but... nope.)

Kate Hardy said...

If I lived nearer I'd be round with Delia's chocolate bread-and-butter pudding (home made) and a hug.

But in the meantime that's a great review (and well deserved - I enjoyed the book!)