Wednesday, 30 January 2008


By lovely Kate Hewitt, to provide six facts about myself. Haven't been tagged for ages-- not since this time, over at Scribes, but felt compelled to find some different Interesting Things about me.

Having failed to come up with any, I just went for some Different Things.

1. Before my first book was accepted I worked as a copywriter in a marketing agency. We specialised in the luxury car market, and I had several pieces in a magazine for nerdy petrol-heads called Octane.

2. After finishing university I was supposed to go to teacher training college, but I forgot to turn up on the first day. (A lucky escape for a the secondary school pupils of Greater Manchester and Cheshire.)

3. I recently discovered over tea and cakes in London that I went to the same university (Manchester), lived in the same hall of residence (Owens Park) on the same floor (7th) of the same building (the Tower) as my lovely editor at Mills & Boon. (But many, many years earlier...)

4. My parents came from Inverness and Glasgow, so I’m 100% Scottish. We have a particularly glamorous dark green tartan.

5. I have a fascination with the Edwardian period. Who knows why?

6. I am congenitally unable to follow instructions or master any kind of technical gadgetry, computers included. That's why I spent all of yesterday afternoon faffing around with projectplaylist and ending up getting precisely nowhere. I'll let you know if this changes, but in the meantime let me just say that the jukebox thingy currently appearing on the 'books' page of my website is purely decorative....


Kate Hewitt said...

What a coincidence about you and your editor! Thanks for the interesting facts. I have a much better picture of you now :)


Rachel said...

Dear India,
just had a quick peek at the Owens Park halls of residence on the internet as I think I might have been to a student party there many years ago(but probably about 4 years before you were there). I couldn't help but notice that some rooms are ENSUITE! Blimey how things have changed. And the fees! Gasps of horror. Am going to have to sell some of my stuff if the children turn out to be academic!
Remind me, is Fallowfield where all the curry houses are? Bet you saw some great bands.

Anonymous said...

ohhh, green tartans?! I'm deathly envious...have always wanted a tartan...

India said...

Aw, Kate, you're so polite! (the picture would be of a slightly weird, forgetful, tartan-clad Edwardian luddite?) Thanks for the tag!

Rachel-- ensuite rooms??? Are you KIDDING? How on earth are students supposed to form lifelong bonds with each other if it's not by being sick on Malibu and coke in communal bathrooms? (actually, I'm not sure I want my girls to go to university after all) Anyway, how funny that you went to a party at OP. The curry houses are a bit further along Oxford Road, in Rusholme-- but only a short drunken stagger away. And they're open pretty much all night, just incase you get hungry at 4.30 in the morning. Yum.

Green and yellow, Brown. Oh yes. Deeply sophisticated. (And yet, I can't help thinking purple would be prettier...)