Tuesday, 15 April 2008

This is very bad news indeed

Ikea's Dime Bar Cake is now available at Sainsbury's.

This is conclusive proof that God is a man with absolutely no grasp of Impending Big Event/Even Bigger Bottom/Nothing to Wear anguish. Humph. Probably thinks he has more important things to worry about.


Natasha Oakley said...

Yes, but I still blame you. It's YOUR fault I'm even tempted by an Ikea dime bar - and my bottom is already bigger than yours.

India said...

(*bottom lip wobbling, in addition to big bottom*) Will have to go and cheer myself up with another piece of Dime bar cake now.

(And since the stupid link didn't work, I'd better just say you can find it in the freezer section and will recognise it immediately by the fact that the packaging is all in Swedish. And because I am there, loading armfuls into my trolley.)

Michelle Styles said...

I have not had the pleasure, but it sounds like something I should try. I am not even considering my big bottom.

India said...

Try it Michelle. You won't be disappointed. (But you might be a bit fed up about the all consuming craving that follows...)