Monday, 7 July 2008

In the news

Gordon Brown says we must stop wasting food.

Wise words. I have therefore spent the day methodically finishing up all the weekend's leftovers. These included a third of a lovely Waitrose Balsamic onion and cheddar quiche*, the remains of Saturday night's roast beef, the last two brownies from the batch that I took to my library talk in Macclesfield, and four cold roast potatoes*.

Never let it be said I shirk my social responsibilities.

(*eaten standing by the open fridge, and therefore calorie free)


Rachel said...

Oh well done you, India!

An added bonus of not wasting food of course is less cubic feet taken up in the wheelie bin. Ours is only collected every fortnight and smells like a victorian slum by the end of it.

However,before you go too soft on Mr Brown, I am reminded of The Daily Telegraph article today on page 5, which goes into great detail about the G8 scoff fest. Twenty Four dishes no less!

Sauce for the goose?

Lots of love,


India said...

Twenty four dishes. Gosh. Even I might struggle to cope with the leftovers from all that...

Donna Alward said...

God. And you're HOW big? Witch!

Your posts never fail to make me laugh and smile. Now I'm wondering what wonderful leftovers are in MY fridge...

India said...

Quite a lot bigger than most of my clothes, Donna! It's getting to the stage where something has to give... (zips and buttons, probably.)

Can't believe that I don't have your blog listed on my sidebar, so with uncharacteristic efficiency I've added it just now, and popped over to visit. Blimey, can I identify with your post on feeling inefficient and like you're achieving nothing. Am so glad to have discovered a new source of group therapy!