Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Three Things to Celebrate

1. Francesco Da Mosto’s new BBC series, Francesco’s Mediterranean Voyage. Research, inspiration and relaxation in one gorgeously-accented package, this goes a long way to filling the viewing gap left by The Apprentice. Just add sofa, wine and olives for the closest you can get to heaven on a Tuesday evening.

2. Translations of my first and second books into Spanish and Portugese. New covers, and great new titles. Innocencia Oculta... how fabulous is that? (Have had enormous fun opening them on random pages and trying to work out which bit I’m reading, but even though I know the books inside out it’s surprisingly hard! Since I’m obviously never going to be able to sit down and skim read through them, if anyone would like a copy just drop me your address via the website and I’ll get one off to you.)

3. Finally, after months of trying, yesterday I managed to get project playlist to work on my website. Apologies to anyone within a three mile radius of my house who would undoubtedly have heard the whoop of triumph, followed by an ear-shattering rendition of the songs while I danced round the house. Expect a further slump in word count over the next few days as I exercise my new found competence and play!


Michelle Styles said...

Did you notice the captain of his ship?
Happy sigh. It is 10 weeks of wonderful eye candy. Francesco is just so watchable...and his voice...

Hooray on getting your foreign copies. You are sure to have many more.

Karen said...

Hi India
I have to agree with you, my Tuesday and Wednesday's are now fully booked, waiting for the gorgeous Francesco to arrive on my TV screen. I adore him, his last series on Venice was absolutley gorgeous, (I don't know if you saw it).
Last night's episode was fab, me and mum can't wait for tonight to see him on his journey.
Best wishes

Karen said...

Oh my gosh, I've just read Michelle's comment, yes I can only agree with her. The captain!! What can you say? Delicious! Me and mum said exactly the same thing at the end of last night's episode, we both wanted to immediately find out if we could both go on his boat. Can you imagine it? What a trip that would be.

India said...

EEK! How could I forget to mention the CAPTAIN?! Just gorgeous-- and wonderfully alpha. So Karen, did you find anything out aboout going on his boat? (I seriously hope you and your mum aren't thinking of going without me...)

Karen said...

Well, I have thought of trying to find out. The only thing would be, I may not want to come home! With the weather we're having today, you couldn't blame me.

I'm also really depressed!! This time last year, me and mum were actually in Venice. We stood where Francesco was last night, can you believe it? I'm sure, that deep down I was a Venetian in a previous life. I'm positive I was really meant to live in Venice, and not here in damp, wet old blighty!
Never mind, we can all dream. And yes if I find out anything about the Black Swan (I think that's what the boat was called), I'll let you know.
xx Karen

Rachel said...

OOOH India,
I'm so glad I'm not alone with the Francesco euphoria! 'Him Indoors' said he hadn't seen me look so happy in ages--he's programmed the box thingy to record the whole series.
The Captain, yes! Fabbo but would prefer him 'sans beard'.

Did anyone else lust after the log book though? Personalised leather notebook heaven.

And then there was the sobbing family and all those biscuits!

Totally unmissable.

Lots of love,


India said...

Karen, there's only one thing for it... You have to go back. My need to go there is intensifying rapidly, but the question is-- do we take the children? (Or should that be, do I take my husband?!)

Rachel, you have to adore a man who buys biscuits in that quantity, don't you? And I'm with you on the beard issue. In my private fantasy they get to a swanky hotel in Isanbul after the dramas of the voyage, and he appears in the final scene dressed for dinner and clean shaven...

Oh, happy, happy days. And there's more tonight!

Karen said...

Your right India, I have to go back to Venice! If you haven't been, PLEASE go. When me and mum got off the water taxi, on that gorgeous morning last July, we were both dumb-struck. It was so beautiful, it hurt your eyes.
It had been a long held dream of mine to go there, it was quite surreal, me in Venice? WOW!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that playlist. Kissing You always takes me right into the headspace for the romance scene.
AND the extract was Terrific.
Definitely on my list.

Now, a terrible admission. I have not seen this TV programme at all, so now the good news is out, I shall hither to the I-Player on BBC and catch up.LOL.


India said...

'So beautiful it hurt your eyes'-- wow Karen, what a fantastic way of describing it! I really have to make it a priority to get there, don't I? But children or no children, that's the question...

Rayanne-- watch and dream! It's lovely, and the good news is that it only started this week, so you don't have too much to catch up on.

Thanks for putting your seal of approval on my playlist. I'm so excited about it, I can't tell you (I know, I know, I really do need to get out a lot more) because music is so important in my writing process. That song-- Kissing You, by Des'ree (not Desiree as project playlist call her-- I think that's a type of potato) was really significant, and I think my love scenes in that book feature the word 'aching' quite a lot, which shows how these things slip in subconsciously!

Karen said...

I have tried every search engine I can find. I cannot find anything about the 'Black Swan'. (Only some really strange things, we won't go there!)
On Wednesday nights episode when the crew met Francesco on the beach in Split. SIGH heavily!
Hold yourself back girls, we're all modern, mature women. But, it was lovely wasn't it, when they all stripped off.
xx Karen

Tracy said...

Oh boy, what have I been missing? I’ve just programmed the plus box for future episodes.

Any yes, I’ve got to agree with Karen’s lovely description about Venice being ‘So beautiful, it hurts your eyes. You do have to make it a priority to get there India. I’d say the first time you visit – no kids, make it a romantic getaway for you and the DH Or better yet, go on your own!

On second thoughts, can I join you?

Anonymous said...

P.S. Speaking of Italy. Have you ever watched ‘Only You’, with Marissa Tomei and Robert Downey Jnr? It is one of my favourite romantic comedies, about a once-in-a-lifetime date with destiny.

Perhaps I love it, because Italy is very dear to my heart – not to mention the gorgeous Italian men – and this film is set in Venice, Rome and Portofino (I think).

Admittedly Robert Downey, isn’t an Italian hunk, however I fell in love with him.

If you haven’t seen it, give it a go India, I’m sure you’ll love it. said...

Oh, somehow I registerd my comment on 'Only You' under anonymous. Not sure how that happened!
Still getting the hang of this blogging thing!

Tracy said...

And it's going from worse to worse.....

tracy said...

Or should I say - from bad to worse! And I want to be a writer!

This proves, don't hit 'send' until you've checked what you've written

India said...

Indeed Karen, hold yourself back... (and leave the way clear for me to go stampeding through shouting 'Francesco! Take me with you!)

Hey Anonymous Tracy-- thanks for the film recommendation! I haven't seen it, but I'll add it to my Amazon list straight away. (Or whatever it is these days, if I can work out how to do it now. Have I ever mentioned I don't like change?!)