Wednesday, 18 February 2009

And it's not even April 1st!

I am TOTALLY supporting Mills & Boon’s protest against a ban on kissing, which Virgin trains are trying to impose at a railway station in my region. This is not just sour grapes because Virgin Trains did their very best to make me miss the RNA Awards lunch last week (when the train I was on stopped inexplicably outside Tring for an hour and a half, making a bit of a mockery of them rushing everyone onto their new high speed service without allowing a moment to say goodbye), but because kissing is one of the few things I adore that isn’t bad for you. Smoking? Yep, ban it and its 40 different kinds of cancer-causing chemicals and take the tough love on the chin. But kissing.....?

Just reading this article makes me want to go down to Crewe station right now (and that’s not a sentence I find myself saying very often) and snog in a leisurely, unhurried manner, however Sarah Ritherdon, who's Mills & Boon's uber-fabulous Director of Publishing, has a more intelligent response... “Romantic embraces and passionate kisses are a vital part of life and should never be discouraged. We believe that attempting to restrict passion to certain times or areas is a denial of the human right to express love. ”

Amen. And plenty of people out there agree, if the growing group on facebook is anything to go by. Go and add your support! (or your face, or whatever you do on facebook...)
(That warm little hollow beneath the earlobe is my area of choice though...)


Michelle Styles said...

I am supporting as well!
Hooray for you highlighting this!

Brigitte said...

Well, who would have thought?! It's the spanish inquisition all over again. Why would sexy Richard Branson condone a thing like that?!Hmmm?

India said...

Nice work Michelle!

Brigitte-- I wonder what Richard has to say about it? As far as I can tell it was originally thought up by someone called Colin at Warrington station, who I'd guess doesn't have anyone to snog him goodbye when he goes away. One thing's for certain though-- such a thing would be unthinkable in France, wouldn't it?!

Brigitte said...

Sorry to be late answering this, but have been away for a week and just got back. You are absolutely right to think that this could never happen over here. I don't think it would enter anyone's head, as a matter of fact...People are much more relaxed concerning open affection, something the Brits are not, as I have found on my numerous visits to the UK. Must be the 'latin streak' in the men, I guess.