Tuesday, 3 February 2009


The only thing, aside from thousands of pounds and a weekend with Alan Titchmarsh, that could possibly make our scruffy garden look elegant and designer.

Can I have some more, please?


Rachel said...


Could I have a gorgeous Mills and Boon heroine live in nanny though, Mrs grey? Mine are off school, just why the school has closed I have no idea--He made it the hundred miles to Gatwick in the early hours so what's going on? Am wibbling with the racket here!


Hope your day is productive, my dear. How is that old devil MPW?

Lots of (fractious) love,


Trenda said...

Humph! I want some snow!


P.S. Have been roped into more sewing for lovely daughter...I should be cutting out fabric pieces for her Hippolyta dress, but oh, no, I am (as ever) honing my skills as a professional procrastinator!

Trenda said...

Hi, India,

I dropped you a question via email.

Still snowing? It's cold here but without the fun of the lovely white stuff. I told my two darlings you had snow and they were very jealous! (just like Mommy!)



India said...

Humph. I'm sure I came back and left a comment. Hope blogger hasn't started treating me with the same contempt as my email and spamming everything I write in a disdainful and high-handed manner...

Anyway Rach, by now you're probably out of weather-related isolation, which is a very good thing since I'd really advise against an M&B heroine as a live-in nanny. You know how that story would end, don't you? He'd be taking her to Gatwick with him 'on business' and leaving you feeling wibblier than ever!

MPW unco-operative. Unsurprisingly.)

Trenda, I can feel my heart sinking with dread at the thought of what I'd do if I was in a similar situation! It'd be a quick trawl of the charity shops for an old nylon nightie and a net curtain, I'm telling you... You're a totally top mummy-- please send pictures of the finished result!


Trenda said...

Yes, well, um, you know I've been sick again and with the high blood pressure and all...hubby suggested I just go buy a dress. I did. I was terrified she would be disappointed but she loved it so all is well!