Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Why I love the internet

OK, so it plays havoc with my word count and offers more tempting avenues for distraction than my butterfly mind can easily cope with, but here are my top three reasons to embrace the addiction. Add yours below!

1. Online shopping. Thankfully now also practised by Him, and the reason why this Valentines Day I got these, instead of a bunch of garage carnations and a creme egg.

2. Jamesdarcy.net. Oh yes! Discovered via my Male on Monday post at the PHS. Group therapy.

3. Half term cyber-babysitting. My brother showed the daughters this clip at the weekend and they're deeply, weepily smitten. I've told them a lion cub is not a pet-option, so they're now thinking of releasing Ruby the (airhead) cat into the wild and holding out for a tearful reunion a year from now.

So what's your preferred way to waste time online at the moment?


Trenda said...


I LOVE those pillowcases! Gorgeous!

Have a lovely day!


Trenda said...

I forgot to answer your question. My top favorite ways to waste time online are:

1. Facebook (It's rather fun "chatting" with people I haven't seen since high school graduation in 1991.)
2. lionbrand.com (I peruse and download all sorts of crochet patterns, all the while knowing I'll never get round to making them all!)
3. Gmail...that's right...I spend waaaaay too much time monitoring my inbox in the hopes that a positive response for my manuscript will suddenly appear!



Kate Hardy said...

My favourites:
1) Limbering up my writing brain (aka playing Scrabble Blast)

2) Finding mood music to help me set the tone of a scene (aka messing about on YouTube)

3) Researching nerdy bits for my book (Google)

Note that other people may see these as frittering time online, but all is grist to a writer's mill (this last bit must be said in a very lofty tone).

Well, that's my explanation, and I'm sticking to it :o)

Anonymous said...

youtube, email, youtube, email, eharlequin, ebay, amazon, astrology.com...the list is endless and gets even more boring..sigh.
x Abby

Biddy said...

Ooo I waste time in lots of places:

1. Facebook
2. eHarlequin
3. Blogs, blogs and more blogs!!
4. Wikipedia... I just keep following links. Yes, I am a geek.

And that lion thing had me tearing up!

India said...

Trenda and Abby, snap with the email/gmail thing. If only I wrote as many words on my wip as I do in my outbox, I'd be on my 79th novel by now.

Kate-- (nodding sagely) absolutely agree about the writers' mill. Indeed your youtube habit is positively a public duty, just as long as you keep sharing the results of it with me!

(Abby-- astrology.com?? How come I haven't tried this yet?)

Biddy, I wasted precisely 1 hour and 40 of your finest English minutes the other day following a Wikipedia link trail. Fascinating stuff, and (to quote Ms Hardy) definite grist to the mill, but deadline suicide. Gave me the same feeling as eating an entire packet of chocolate hob nobs in one sitting. (But on a positive note, marginally less calorific I suppose.) That 'just one more' mentality is my downfall...

India said...

(Oh, and the lion thing had me sniffling like a baby... Glad I'm not the only one!)

Jane said...

I love browsing and shopping on eBay and watching videos on YouTube.

India said...

Oh yes-- ebay! How could I forget? Still spare a moment every time I open the wardrobe to stroke the lovely velvet Avoca dress I got for nearly nothing there last summer. Mmmm. Feel a spree coming on...

Anonymous said...

Hi India

I was just on Donna's blog and saw the link to yours - came for a browse and left with tears streaming down my cheeks! I'm never the one to cry in movies or when reading books, but seeing that lion reunion had me crying like a baby.


India said...

Ah Soraya, isn't it gorgeous? I've watched it about 15 times now and it chokes me up every time.

Lovely to see you here-- thanks for commenting!