Tuesday, 18 May 2010

New beginnings

Am able to show my face on the blog again, having just written the first page of my new book.

I had intended to get stuck in long before now, but the past week has been entirely swallowed up in catching up with things on the very neglected home front. It’s been absolute heaven to wake up in the morning (in clean sheets) and to have nothing more urgent to contemplate than sweeping up fallen apple blossom and wisteria petals, painting the mirror I bought for the daughters’ bathroom six months ago and lounge around on the sofa reading Michelle Styles’ fabulous latest – Compromising Miss Milton. (I suppose that wasn’t strictly catching up on stuff on the home front, but whilst doing it I did notice that there was a pre-sucked chupa chups lolly cemented down the back of the cushions so it was a useful domestic exercise, as well as being one in gorgeous writing and delicious characterization – wry, witty Adam Ravensworth is surely one of Michelle’s sexiest creations.)

I also spent a larger than usual proportion of time watching TV, where the whole ‘who’s going to be Prime Minister’ game was unfolding. I can’t help thinking that for several days Gordon Brown must have just been willing the other two to agree on something so he could hand over the keys to number 10 and throw his vast collection of red ties onto the woodburning stove in some lovely little cottage by the sea somewhere. And poor Sam Cam… I’m sure it says more about me than it does about her, but from my vantage point on the sofa with the biscuit tin I’m sure I saw the glint of resignation and despair in her eyes as she stepped through that black front door into a life where ‘family downtime’ is going to be an abstract concept. Incidentally, daughters 2 and 3 are passingly gratified to have had a close encounter with the new Prime Minister (who visited their school the day after that first TV debate) although they’re both a bit nonplussed about why he got the job and not Gary Barlow, since he had the distinct charisma edge.

But anyway, the new government is in and the new book has been started. Now begins a period of tough decisions and hard work for both me and them. And spending cuts too. (Deliberately not using the 'tightening the belt' metaphor for this, as thanks to the stone I've put on recently this is a physical impossibility. Ho hum.)


Rachel said...

Dear India,

great to hear you're back on the treadmill (speaking metaphorically of course!).

Very much with you in spirit on the subject of belts. Graham Norton swears by a white and green approach ie. you can consume anything of these colours. This includes champagne, gin and (I'm guessing here)lobster. Think I might give it a whirl...

Lots of love,


Amanda Ashby said...

Hey lovely India,

It seems that we are divided by water but still share a common thread - yup, I've just finished a book that would not die as well! Seriously, it ended up becoming a joke since I'm fairly sure I told my husband that I'd have it done by Christmas (of course I managed to avoiding saying 'which' Christmas I was referring to!). Anyway, I completely feel your relief!!!!!

Maya said...

Hi India,

Glad to hear you're writing more of your wonderful books! Just to let you know the Minxes of Romance have given a review of Spanish Aristocrat, Forced Bride. We love the book and just wanted you know. You can see the review at www.minxesofromance.blogspot.com Have a great day. Minx Maya xx

India said...

Rach, as that diet would also allow lots of white bread I'm definitely in! And rice pudding, and pasta with pesto. Excellent. Shall keep you updated with progress on my weight loss (snurk.)

Hellooooo Amanda!!!!! By heck darling, it's been TOO LONG! So sorry to hear about your version of the book that would not die, but thank goodness you've finally beaten it into submission. I think that's an excuse for me to start celebrating all over again on your behalf!

Hey Maya - thanks so much for that. (Review and pointing me in the direction of your brilliant blog - I love it!) You minxes sound like a wicked and wonderful bunch - looking forward to becoming a regular visitor!