Friday, 28 May 2010

Why did I just do that?

Sign up to twitter. I don't even know how to use it, and since the only two questions I can answer in sentences of less than 140 characters are 'Do you want a cup of tea? and 'Do you want a glass of wine?' I really don't think that I'll ever be able to use it for meaningful communication, even if I can fathom how it works.

When you sign up the first thing it asks you, in what is no doubt meant to be an encouragingly matey way is 'What's happening?' The only response I can think of to that is 'I haven't got a clue.'


Kate Hardy said...

Either you're very brave or you're very mad ;o)

(I'm still avoiding Twitter!)

Am drinking a cup of tea (chai, actually - have I told you about Teapigs yet?) in your honour. And I have 20 minutes to write a love scene before the school run, so TTFN and have a nice rest of the day!

PS wordver says that Ruby is behaving - "mogin", would you believe?

Sally Clements said...

Well I went up there (the twitterverse) and couldn't find you. You must be using a different name or something... Will look for you again tomorrow to say hi.

India said...

I think, actually, very keen to avoid untangling the beginning of my new book is the honest answer, Kate. I had restless fingers and a restless head and while I was Thinking accidentally found myself looking to see if the name indiagrey was already registered on twitter. It wasn't. But it is now!

Sally, I don't think you appear up there until you've actually tweeted, and it was when plunged into the position of finding something (short) to say that I realised I have nothing to add to the twitterverse!

(Kate, hope the love scene went smoothly. Or roughly, or whatever was appropriate. You should have saved the cup of tea until afterwards!)

Sally Clements said...

Just say hi! 140 characters, remember?

Tarot Mama said...

I'm afraid I'm quite addicted to Twitter, India! Doesn't help that I found Twitlonger, whose tag line is, "When you talk too much for Twitter"." LOL!

Have a lovely day!


Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Sure you will but you need to be on Facebook. So are you India Grey on Twitter? I'll pop over and see.xx

Rachel said...

Dear India,

I've got as far as you have on twitter and am completely baffled by it all! Please issue a step by step guide when you've cracked it.

The wordver now says 'fooder'. How does it know this stuff?!

Lots of love,


Maya said...

LOL, I was the same when I joined, India. Now I'm hopelessly addicted! Will pop over and say hi that way you at least have someone else to say chat too when you're brave enough to enter Twitterverse again!

Maya said...

Just spotted lots of typos in my post. My excuse is I'm carbs-deprived waiting for pizza to be delivered. Sorry :(

Francine said...

Hi India,

God forbid that I should ever be enticed by the "Tweet Tweet My Lovely" temptation, and allow Twitter direct access to my computer!!

I even removed the blogger dashboard, but I guess that stems from first husband's influence regarding internet security issues. He was a special forces officer and absolutely paranoid about outside portals attempting to hook up covertly to our home computers. I think he had a valid point, though, because there are too many online systems that link directly if given an opening and once a portal is open it's vulnerable even with firewall.

So, definitely no twittering for moi.


India said...

Sally, I did it! And I really think my message added something significant and meaningful to civilisation. (not.)

Trenda, Marilyn and Maya - I'll try to find you both in the twittersphere! Feel like I've just walked into a very busy bar where everyone knows everyone else, so it'll be great to find some familiar faces. Marilyn, I'm indiagrey. (Hope the pizza was good Maya!)

Rach, I've done it and yet I don't really know how. Or why. But I can promise you if I managed it, you will too. Just do it missis, and come and talk to me!

Francine, I know, I know what you mean and feel deeply ambivalent about the whole thing, but then there is a huge part of me that just wants to go back to the days when wireless meant a big bakelite box on the sideboard. Ho hum. Must try to adopt a more positive attitude to progress.

Rachel said...

Well, I THINK I've done it, India. However I immediately acquired one follower going by the name of 'bigprofitmaker' and panicked!

Have duly restricted all access to my tweets and signed off.Techno luddite or what?

Lots of love,