Friday, 6 July 2007

Friday already

How did that happen?

Think I can safely say this is the week when the rest of the world finally slid out of focus for me and the book took over. This is a great feeling. I am spending my days in a shadowy mansion with the utterly gorgeous James D'Arcy (whose real name of course is Orlando Winterton... Or do I have that the wrong way round...?) and I no longer notice the dust and squalor of my own house. Excellent!

Am on the gallop to the finish now, and can hardly bear to leave the computer. The children are thoroughly enjoying this and have gone semi-feral, setting up camp made of chairs and blankets in the sitting room and retreating inside with a stash of biscuits to watch uninterrupted television through a gap in the doorway.

Thank you for all your kindness about Husband and the car fiasco. He's completely fine, thank goodness, but the car is wrecked. So we're now carless. Stuck. Marooned at home with no possibility of going anywhere until an alternative can be sorted...

(raises hands in silent prayer of thanks and scuttles back to book....)


Eva said...

Congratulations, India! I can't wait to read the latest and (no doubt) greatest.

So sorry again about the accident.

Absolutely love that photo, by the way. Is that blood on his lip or is it chocolate...not that it matters. That boy is dreamy!

Margaret McDonagh said...

Great news, India. You are in the finishing straight and heading for that chequered flag! Shut yourself in with James and enjoy the ride.

As for dust, believe me, the old saying is true and after the first few years it doesn't get any worse. It also comes in handy -you can write urgent messages in it!!!!!!!!

I've clearly missed something somewhere about the accident. I'm so sorry. The best news is that your Hubby is all right, thank goodness. Very sorry about the loss of transport. I hope things are sorted out soon.

Mags xx

India said...

Excellent theory on dust Margaret-- shall cease to feel guilty immediately! (am also very taken with the image of riding anywhere with lovely James...)

Eva, it's blood. That pic comes from his role as an RAF pilot in a much slated TV series called PoW, where he was constantly being beaten up in a most picturesque way. *sigh*. What's to slate, I say...?

Amanda Ashby said...

Car accident? I missed it as well, but am glad that Husband is okay (they are very useful for disposing of bugs and changing light bulbs), though major bummer about the car.

Anonymous said...

I too missed the story about the husband. Happy to hear he's well, and you're marooned with James/Orlano.

Congratulations on the home stretch (er, no pun intended)!

Richard said...

Oy, I didn't know you had a blog! Somebody probably didn't tell me but is that surprising? Anyway, I broke the habit of a lifetime and bought a M & B. Congratulations, there weren't many left in Smiths. Feels good, doesn't it!

India said...

Oh, don't worry about the husband Amanda and Brown-- I think he was just indulging in attention-seeking behaviour to get me to stop calling him James/Orlando all the time!

HELLO Richard!! How are you?? Fantastic to see you here! Thanks so much for buying the book (come to think of it, you don't actually specify that it was MY book....!!) What line did you give the person on the till at Smiths?

Katie said...

Hi India! I'm visiting from Kate H's blog! so pleased I won your prize! Can't wait to read your first book and get some decent English chocolate! Cheers, Katie

India said...

Hi Katie-- thanks for dropping in!

The parcel went in the post this morning-- I'm not sure how long it'll take to reach you, but let me know if it doesn't arrive!

Sharon J said...

I'll let you in on a secret, India. He hasn't read it. It's by my bed, waiting for me to finish Stephen King before getting to grips with your saucy piece of literature. Loved the dedication. I'm sure she was touched.