Thursday, 26 July 2007

Tired and emotional!

Sorry to have been so elusive this last week or so. No prizes for guessing what I've been doing.

Am so nearly there. Will spend today re-reading the entire manuscript before writing the epilogue tonight. With the children on holiday my work routine has become pretty nocturnal, but there is an odd kind of joy to be found in the very dead hours of the night when everyone else is asleep and I'm alone with my hero, heroine and a bar of chocolate Heaven. It is a very odd kind of joy though. I have to confess I'm looking forward to getting back to the less specialist kind that comes from a glass of wine and an early night.

Have a long list of things to do once the book is sent in. Items include 'clean fridge,' 're-introduce myself to children', 'eat fruit' and 'run website/blog competition.' Please come back and play then!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck getting it done and dusted, you can enjoy that glass of wine very soon!
x Daisy/Abby

Anonymous said...

Hallo Darling, Congrats on the finishing of the book.

Loads of hugs and kisses and emotional support as you wrestle the fridge back into submission.

Helen said...

Mother in law showed me a copy of your book this week which she had bought. She said there were quite a few in Tescos which is where she'd got it from - but when we went back they had all gone!! That's good news isn't it?!

I did have a quick glance at her copy but want to buy one for myself (it's in the amazon basket waiting for me to reach above the free delivery threshold).

Congratulations on reaching the end of your current book. I've locked mine away for the time being. Will start editing in a week or so.x

Eva said...

Congratulations, India! Can't wait to read it.

Now finish up, please, so you can enjoy a bit of summer!

Annie said...

Managed to procure my copy in Smiths - and then, like every good author and good author's friend, rearranged all the other books so yours was on top. Send chocolate to the usual address.

Amanda Ashby said...

Hooray that you've nearly finished it - of course you know what this means. Yes, back to youtube for another hero finding marathon!!

Kate Hardy said...

Hopefully by now you've passed the final stretch and can start to enjoy the summer holidays!

India said...

Thanks Everyone! Final words were finally written a few minutes ago!! At last, Abby, that glass of wine is beckoning!

Brown-- I'm now wishing I hadn't been so rash in saying that about the fridge. I can't really get out of it now, can I?

Oooh Helen, how exciting that they've sold out in your local Tesco! Good luck with the editing-- hope you've enjoyed your week off after finishing and made the most of that 'finishing line high!!'

Eva-- will send the end v soon. (thank you xxxx)

Annie,do you mean you didn't BUY all the remaining copies to give as Christmas presents for your closest friends?? No chocolate for you, you traitor.

Amanda-- at the moment the very thought makes me swoon with exhaustion and grief over having to say goodbye to delicious James. But I daresay... in time... I'll be able to glance listlessly over some youtube hunks... I'll keep you posted.

Kate-- you're back! Hope you had a great holiday, and yes-- summer can start now!!