Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Review Number Two

Whilst indulging in my new favourite work-avoidance strategy of checking my book on Amazon this morning, I discovered that I have a new review!

I don't know who the reviewer is, but she gives me 5 lovely shiny stars and says

Good heroine
Good humour
Good characterisation
Good dialogue
all of which is hugely gratifying. However, she also mentions a couple of other points with which she was less satisfied. I had a quick look at her other reviews, and can surmise that she's a tough cookie to please, but I totally admire and respect that and absolutely appreciate her honesty. Considered criticism like this is what makes reviews worthwhile for both readers and writers. Thank you Romance Fan!
Check out what she has to say here!
(How soon do you think it will be before the novelty of discovering people have read my book wears off??)


Kate Hardy said...

Congrats on such a good review!

Michelle Styles said...

Congrats on a wonderful review. Make sure you send it to your editor.

Thus far, for me the thrill of discovering that someone has read my book and enjoyed it has not diminished.

Remember your readers will probably know your books better than you do!

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with Michelle Styles on this one. I can't imagine the thrill ever wears off...Congratulations on the lovely review...do you feel inspired enough to shuck your procrastinatoin?

Eva said...

Prouctive work avoidance, to be sure!

You left out another great line:
"I adored India's debut book and can't wait for her next one :-)"

My sentiments exactly!

Sharon J said...

Why would the thrill wear off? If that happens then it must be because you're taking your work for granted and I can't see you ever doing that.

Do you charge for signing copies? If so, would a sticky doughnut and a coffee suffice?

Annie said...

Brilliant review! Well done, India!

India said...

Thank you, thank you everyone!!

Michelle-- I never thought of sending reviews to my editor, but given the way this 3rd book is going maybe I should!

(Sharon-- I'd be thrilled at the opportunity to practise my signature, and you know I'm always up for a sugar-fest... When shall we?)

Sharon J said...

I will be in touch. A lot's been going on here lately but I shall definitely be in touch :)