Thursday, 7 February 2008

Hello from Abby Green!

Dear all, I am guest blogging from India Grey's lovely home in Cheshire. Very shortly we will be taking the train down to London and getting ready for the cocktail party to celebrate Mills and Boon's Centenary celebrations. I arrived yesterday from Dublin on a Ryanair flight which turned out to be a relatively painless experience - which can't always be said of Ryanair! And then last night we had dinner with the legendary Penny Jordan. It was my first time meeting her and she is absolutely lovely, it was such a thrill to meet the person whose books you've enjoyed for so long. She really is an inspiration.I still have to dress and pack so I don't have much time as India is literally going to drag me away from here any second now, but we will be in touch (or I will be via India's blog) with news/updates/pics of it all.
Byeee! love, Abby Green


Rachel said...

Dear Abby, great to 'see' you here!
Yes, we want LOTS of pics and ALL the gossip. Make sure that India woman behaves herself will you? Especially with the Tia Maria...
Lots of love,

Kate Hardy said...

Have a lovely, lovely time - wish I was going to be there with you all!

Eva said...

We're all so jealous!!! Still, have an amazing time, you two.

Sue said...

Hope you're having a FAB time!

Thank you both v. much for your advice on iheartpresents - I printed out my entry like you suggested and found several more errors (and this was what I thought was the polished version!)!

I was going to hang on to it for another couple of days, but Gray made me press SEND (I think he's hoping I'll actually sleep tonight!).

Looking forward to seeing loads of pics.

Sue xx

Kate Hewitt said...

Waving to both of you, have a wonderful time!!! x Kate

Amanda Ashby said...

Abby, I'm so jealous. India's house is lovely and Penny J is one of my fav people in the world. Can't wait to hear how the party goes!!

India said...

Just waiting for Abby to send the pictures and then I'll be back with the full, no-holds barred account of our trip....!