Wednesday, 6 February 2008

They're not magic, they're just pants

Arrrgghh. New magic knickers have the alarming effect of redistributing the lumps and bumps most bizarrely, so I look like a badly stuffed sofa. What to do? Just over 24 hours to go, so too late for herb tea and ryvita, and also liposuction. Spending whole day in a sauna wrapped in mud and seaweed not an option either, as I have to go and meet Abby Green at the airport in a little while. Maybe excess poundage will melt away during the frenzied last-minute tidy up I have to do before bringing her back here.

Tonight we’re going out for dinner with fabulous Penny Jordan. Obviously I won’t eat anything....

(Yeah, right!)


Rachel said...

OOh India! Forget all about the knickers, you're going to have sooo much fun!
Lots of love,

Kate Hardy said...

Um, excuse me? Whenever I've seen you, you've been the most beautiful and elegant woman in the room.

And to have all that talent as well... if you weren't such a nice woman, I would have to hate you for it :o)

Have a brilliant time, and give Abby a big hug from me.

India said...

Rachel-- I thought for a moment you were suggesting I forget the knickers. That certainly would be a lot of fun!! Will be back with a full report next week.

Kate, you're bonkers but SO lovely. Will pass on the hug.